Spare tyre Covers - Rear Spare Cover - Weather Cover for Spare Car Van tyre

Spare Tyre Covers available in pre-made sizes to suit most spare tyres and wheel sizes in Australia.  Good quality Vinyl Covers that fit great - simply measure the diameter and depth of your spare wheel to find the correct size.  (If you cannot access your vehicle to do this and only have a Tyre Code as reference, click here to learn how to calculate the size you need.)

If you cannot find the size you need, we also offer custom size Spare Wheel Tyre Covers made-to-order.  If you want more flair in a cover, browse our Printed Spare Tyre Covers, or Design Your Own Tyre Cover!

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How to work out which size Tyre Cover is right for you using the Sidewall Code on your Tyre:

On the side of your tyre are markings on the sidewall. These can help you to determine which size tyre cover you need, if you cannot measure the tyre in person.

The image below, as our example, has the sidewall markings of "P215 / 65 R15 95H".

how to work out tyre cover size

Tyre 'Width' (i.e. Thickness of the tyre across the tread)

To first determine your tyre's width, observe the first part of the code - in this case, "P215".  (NB: "P" stands for 'passenger vehicle'; other letters may appear instead, but you do not need to know the letter for this calculation.)  In our example, after "P" is the numbers "215" - this is the tyre width in millimetres, i.e. 215mm (or 21.5cm).

Tyre "Diameter" (i.e. From outer edge to edge)

To work out the actual diamater of your tyre, add up both sidewall widths on top of the rim size.

  • Work out the sidewall widths (yellow arrow): Look at the next set of numbers in the Code; in this example, "65".  This means that the sidewall is 65% of the tyre width.  And, 65% of 215mm is 139.75mm.  As there are 2 sidewalls, calculate 2 x 139.75mm = 279.50mm.
  • Then you can calculate the size of the rim in the middle (pink arrow); look for the number immediately beside "R" in your Tyre Code.  In this example, it is "15".  This number indicates a value in inches however, so it first needs to be converted to millimetres; to do this, multiply your inches value by 2.54.  In this example, 15 x 2.54cm = 38.1cm or 381mm.

When we combine both values (for our example, the calculation is 279.5mm + 381mm = 660.5mm (or 66cm).

tyre width across

Using the results in this example, the tyre cover required would need to have a diametre of at least 66cm (or 660mm) and a depth of at least 21.5cm (or 215mm). Using the Coverworld range of sizes available, the most appropriate choice of cover would be a 66cm Diameter (with 22cm depth) for a snug fit, or the 72cm Diametre (with 22cm depth).