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Custom Size Spare Tyre Cover | 1 Year Warranty

Custom Size Spare Tyre Cover | 1 Year Warranty

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Brand Stormcovers
* Exceptionally UV resistant and Waterproof Polyfabric outer layer
* Excellent all weather protection
* Made to Order, normal turnaround time is 2 weeks
* Manufactured using the finest quality Thread, Webbing, and all Components for manufacturing Stormcovers
* 1 Year Warranty
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Shipping Made to Order usually dispatched 14 days

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Custom Size Spare Tyre Cover | 1 Year Warranty

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Custom Made Spare Tyre Cover

  • Australian Made
  • Tailor Made to fit your specific tyre cover
  • Customer Made to Order
  • Plain | No Printing
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Size should be the diameter of the face of the wheel cover plus 10mm bleed. Please contact us to determine your exact wheel diameter from the tyre code (eg. 265 70R 16)
  • Q: I would like to have a Tyre Cover printed with my own Design / Logo do you offer this service ?

    A: Yes : We can provide Fully Tailored Spare Tyre Covers according do your Design Requirements

    Q: Why do you ask for my Tyre Code when you already have the design available?

    A Although the design is pre-designed the actual tyre cover is made for your individual spare tyre so we need to code of your Tyre which enables us to determine the correct actual tyre measurements.

    Q I know my Spare Tyre is a 13" / 14" etc why is this not enough information for you to make the Spare tyre Cover ?

    A: Because those sizes are the Rim size not the actual Tyre size, the tyre code identifies not only the overall tyre diametre but also the Tyre depth which we need to make the cover correctly.

    Q: I am unable to get my tyre Code what can I do?

    A: If you are not able to supply the Tyre Code then we can only offer you Universal Non Printed Tyre Covers but you will still need to know the actual tyre Diametre

    Q: How do I get a Custom Printed Spare Tyre Cover Made with my own Design / Logo?

    A: In order to make you a Spare Tyre Cover according to your Design you will need to provide us with your Design / Image in a High Quality Artwork format.  If you would like to use your Business Logo you will need to ask your Logo Designer for a copy of the original Artwork file.

    Q: I dont just want my Design / Logo I would like my phone number, website address etc can you also put this information on the Spare Tyre Cover?

    A: Yes you will need to supply us the specific wording that you require on the Spare Tyre Cover.

    Q: Do you charge extra to make up the design for me?

    A: The price of the custom Print Spare Tyre Covers is $189.00 and includes basic artwork, so you provide us with for example your logo and details you require such as phone number website address etc and your colour preferences and a proof will be sent back to you.

    Q: I dont have a logo or design but dont want a stock design can you help me?

    A: Yes : But if you dont have the basic artowrk then some charge will apply for artwork creation from the beginning, you will need to contact us about your requirements before we can provide a quotation, or place an order for a custom print tyre cover and we will provide the quote to you after we receive your information, you can cancel the order the order if the price is too high.

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    Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

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    Please view our Standard Stormcover Terms before ordering.

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