Custom Print Spare Tyre Cover


  • Proudly Australian Made
  • Have your marketing, advertising, print/design or photo on your spare tyre cover
  • Tailor-made to fit your specific spare tyre - ensure you provide your tyre code when ordering
  • Piping edge is standard for extra strength and a better look
  • Heavy duty shock cord sewn in to hold the cover in place on the wheel
  • All inks and materials used are UV rated for up to 3 years
  • Up to 3 Design Proofs supplied
  • 1 Year Warranty


Use your spare tyre for effective advertising with your logo, web address, contact details. Have your own photos and family message printed on your spare tyre!

Unique gift for Mum, Dad, brothers, sisters, friends and family. Or, have your logo, text, photo or artwork on a spare tyre design which you will love.

NB: If you are getting a printed tyre cover for your business then you will need to supply us with your logo (high resolution) which you may need to obtain by contacting your original logo designer for the original artwork file.

You also need to advise us the wording, text, contact number, web address etc that you would like on your tyre cover, with a brief description of the look or design that you think you would like. You will be contacted in approximately 3-5 business days with a proof (up to 3 will be provided).

If you do not have an original logo or you need to have one recreated by our team then there may be an additional charge.  This will be quoted to you before any artwork design commences and you will have the option to cancel your order at this time.

A note about Lead Time: The manufacture of your custom printed cover may be up to 14 days from the time you approve your proof and confirm your order so prompt responses/replies to proofs are helpful to ensure your cover is made as quickly as possible. This product will be dispatched to you directly from our manufacturer and may have longer than normal freight times on occasion.

A note about Proofs:  You will be supplied a proof of your design to give you the opportunity to check and correct the design.  A maximum of 3 proofs will be provided.  It is your responsibility to ensure the final proof you approve to proceed to print/manufacture is completely correct, including the accuracy and correctness of all previously provided information, so please, carefully and comprehensively review your proof in all aspects before giving approving.


If supplying artwork, the following requirements apply:

  • Vector PDF art with any text converted to outlines.
  • Any images/photos need to be between 70dpi and 150dpi.
  • CMYK only (RGB or others can create undesirable results).
  • Size should be the diameter of the face of the wheel cover plus 10mm bleed. For best results, please provide your tyre code (eg. 265 70R 16).


Q: Does the price of Custom Print Tyre Covers include Artwork creation?

A: Yes - to a degree.  For example, if you have your company logo, phone number website address, etc, we will create a print from this information but we won't create a new logo for your business.

Q: I have seen a photo online that I would like to have on my tyre cover - is that possible?

A: If you have seen a photo online on a stock photography website where the image is available for purchase and you have purchased the image with appropriate licence, then yes, please supply the image.

Q: I have an idea of what I would like on my tyre cover but don't have the images - can you help?

A: We will try - please contact us before placing your order and discuss your goal or idea with our friendly staff.

Q: I don't just want my Design / Logo on my cover - I would also like my phone number, website address, etc.  Can you also put this information on the Spare Tyre Cover?

A: Yes, of course.  Just include comments when placing your order about how you would like the information placed or designed.

Q: Can I see a copy of the Design before you print/manufacture my Tyre Cover?

A: Absolutely, in fact - it's essential that you receive a proof and approve it before we commence manufacturing.  You will receive up to 3 proofs, with any revisions/minor changes that you request, without incurring additional artwork charges.  However, if you require a new design or other design options, artwork fees may apply and will be quoted to you.

Q: How do I know if the Printed Tyre Cover is going to fit?

A: Each tyre cover is custom made in Australia and they are produced based on the sidewall code on your tyre.  From this code, we are able to determine the specific measurements of your tyre for a perfect fit.

Q: I know my Spare Wheel is a 13" / 14", etc.   Why is this not enough information for you to make my Spare Tyre Cover?

A: Although wheel sizes are standard once the tyre is added, they have different sidewall measuements and different depths, hence why we require your tyre code to ensure your cover will fit.

Q: How long do the Printed Tyre Covers take to make?

A: Please allow approximately 5 business days from when you submit your online order to receive the first proof of your cover's artwork to your nominated email address (please monitor your junk folder).  Delays can occur if the instructions you have provided in your order are incomplete or images are of poor resolution.  From the date you approve the final design, general manufacturing time is about 2 weeks.  Delivery time can vary but you will receive a tracking email when your cover is comleted and dispatched.  Please note that during holiday periods or public holidays, these timeframes may be longer.  If you need the cover for a specific date such as a birthday or other deadline, please contact us to discuss your needs before ordering - we will always try our best to get your order to you on time.


Identifying the Sidewall Code on your Tyre

On the side of your tyre are markings on the sidewall.

The image below, as our example, has the sidewall markings of "P215 / 65 R15 95H".

how to work out tyre cover size


This product is backed by a One (1) Year Warranty.  To read our full Warranty details, please click here.

  • Custom Print Design for Personal or Business Use
  • Made in Australia using High Quality, Heavy Duty Vinyl and UV Rated Inks
  • Made to Order, normal turnaround time is 2 weeks until Australia-Wide dispatch!
  • Created to fit your Rear Spare Tyre Perfectly - just send us your Tyre Code!
  • Fabric Type - Vinyl
  • Warranty - 2 Year Warranty

Compatible file extensions to upload: ai, png, jpg, gif, pdf, psd

Made to Order - Normal Manufacturing Time 2-4 Weeks


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