The following policies and information should be read in conjunction with these Terms & Conditions:  Shipping Policy   |  Privacy Policy    |  Return Policy    |  Warranty Information    |   International Orders

We offer you 7 days* to inspect the goods * (excluding Custom Made, Made to Order or Special Order items) that you have purchased and in conjunction with the terms below.

It is important to read all product information such as Fitting Instructions, FAQ, Warranty on the product web page, by adding the item to cart you are confirming you are accepting the Terms and Conditions.

Upon request and subsequent written approval, you may be entitled to send Coverworld standard stocked goods back to us (excluding Custom Made, Made to Order or Special Order items) within 7 days of receipt (receipt is deemed as the date the parcel is delivered to you according to freight tracking details).

If you return goods within 7 days, you may be entitled to a refund (subject to stock inspection being satisfactory) for the goods minus original freight charges and a 15% restocking fee with a minimum charge of $25, except in the case of tonneaus which incur a flat $50 restocking fee. Please note this does not include custom made, made to order items or goods imported from the USA (outdoor covers, marine covers and RV covers). Blank Tonneau Covers are also a special order item and cannot be returned.

For goods to be eligible for return, they must be returned unused in the original packaging in the same condition that they were delivered to you, new and unused. You must include your a copy of your original invoice or proof of purchase. We recommend that you initially install the cover or item to a clean vehicle, boat, RV, etc, to check you are happy with the fit before usage.

* Covers returned MUST be clean, unused & in original packaging. Returns will not be accepted if goods are not returned in original packaging or have been used, items returned dirty or weather damaged are not accepted.  You are responsible for return freight costs for incorrectly ordered items.

** If you receive any cover that does not fit, please do not use it.  We cannot accept used items back for exchange or refund, this applies to all items premade or made to order.

YOU MUST REQUEST RETURNS AUTHORISATION BEFORE SENDING ANYTHING BACK TO US.  Items will not be accepted in our warehouse without a returns authorisation.

A 15% restocking fee applies and freight costs and insurances will be not be reimbursed, with a minium charge of $25.

Some items cannot be returned - please check product description carefully before ordering or contact us prior to ordering if you are unsure.

All goods returned must be in saleable condition; a refund or credit cannot be issued otherwise and the goods will remain in our warehouse until you arrange for them to be picked up.  (Goods received that are dirty or damaged will be photographed to document the condition of the product.)  We will hold these goods for 90 days only before discarding them.

It is important that you uderstand that made to order items cannot be returned due to order error or change of mind.  Any acceptance of a return for a special order / made to order product are at the discretion of Coverworld, and imported goods may incur higher restocking fees to further cover import costs that have been borne by Coverworld.

CHANGE TO YOUR ORDER PLACED.  If you wish to make a change to your order in the first instance please contact us by phone (07) 5493 1400.  Do not send an email and assume we will get the message you have sent.  After any change to your order it will be confirmed to you by email.

SIZE OF COVERS.  Please be aware that some covers can be large and heavy.  It is important that you are able to install the cover safely on your own or with assistance.  Covers on large items will often require installation by two people, such as large motorhomes.  Hail padded covers are significantly bigger in size than non-padded covers.  if you have any questions about the size of the cover, please contact us prior to purchase and we can give you an approximate weight and size on the covers you are looking at purchasing.  Tall/high items may require cover installation using a step ladder or other method to reach the roof line.


When looking at the items available for specific models we will always detail the items that the covers do fit but we don't generally list the items that do not fit.  So if we list a range of models suited to the vehicle then these specific models are the only suitable vehicles / models applicable.  If your model is not listed then it is unlikely to fit any other vehicles or items.  If you cannot see your model listed, please don't order but instead contact us we have friendly sales people who are cover experts ready to help with any product enquiries or model / vehicle / specifics clarification.


Coverworld excludes to the full extent to which it is entitled to do so by law and any or all implied conditions and warranties together with liability for any loss or damage directly or indirectly by the purchaser including special indirect consequential damage or loss of anticipated income or profit. Warranties are not valid outside Australia. It is important to understand that each cover that we supply has a limited lifespan which depends on the type of fabric cover purchased and weather conditions it is exposed to.

Warranty periods

Estimated Lifespans and Recommended Usage Information is detailed on the product description. Many products that we sell detail an estimated lifespan; the lifespan depends on weather conditions and as we cannot predict the weather in advance and its severity.  Coverworld is not liable for any consequential damage to the covers that we supply because of unforseen weather - this can includes high UV conditions, high humidity, high rainfall, high winds, hail, cyclones etc. Our estimated lifespan should not be relied upon and is indicative only.  If a cover is guaranteed for 12 months, this is the maximum warranty period for this item.  Warranty commences from the date of order placement.

The workmanship in Coverworld products are guaranteed to be free of defects at the time of manufacturer and should you notice a manufacturing defect within the first 12 months of ownership you will be entitled to a repair or replacement at our discretion.  In some cases depending on the manufacturer of the item and their specific manufacturing terms this may be pro-rated for the usage that you have had.

Not all items offered for sale on our website are manufactured by Coverworld.  We use many specialist cover manufacturers around Australia, in USA and China to make the covers we offer on our website.  Each specific manufacturer may have specific warranty terms and these are detailed on the item description, FAQ or specific warranty page for the item being ordered.  If you are unsure about the warranty on the item you are purchasing, please contact us prior to ordering.

Freight costs to return goods are payable by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to track or insure returned goods to ensure they are received to the returnable facility nominated by Coverworld.

Tearing on covers is rarely covered by warranty as the covers should be used correctly - sharp objects, excess fabric flapping, frequent pulling, tension or stress on any material will cause it to tear or become prematurely worn, this will not be covered by warranty.  Please see our reinforcement materials available to protect from stress damage for some cover types.

In the event that full payment has not been received the warranty will not be honoured until receipt of full payment.  If we are required to take action to recover an unpaid invoice the payment received by us must be the actual invoice amount + interest at 5% + at cost administration costs for debt recovery.

FITTING PERIOD.  If you have ordered a custom made cover its important to fit it within 30 days of receipt of delivery.  Most manufacturers of custom made items allow a time period of 30 days to pass between order receipt and fitment in the case of any fitting issues. Unfortuantely we will not able to help with any fifting problems after the 30 days so please fit your covers or custom made items as soon as possible after delivery.

MODIFICATION OF RECEIVED ITEMS.  Any item received should not be modified - warranties will not be honoured for modified items that are not the same as factory supplied.


Proof of dispatch from our warehouse is proof of fufilling your order requirements. We are not responsible for courier delivery services or freight times.  We strongly advise taking out the optional freight insurance offered to customers during checkout for peace of mind.  The optional freight insurance that we recommend provides coverage for if your parcel is confirmed as lost in transit, or confirmed damaged during transit prior to delivery.  Investigation can take a number of weeks before confirmation of loss or damage is obtainable to commission a replacement order.

We are not responsible for late delivery of your order as all products are dispatched by a third party postage or courier service. We will advise the tracking details for your order when the goods are dispatched - dispatch origins can vary from domestic/interstate locations, or even overseas.  All delivery schedules quoted are approximate time frames notified to us by our freight company. 

Coverworld cannot be held responsible because of delays with the various courier services used to deliver goods, especially during times of global or domestic crisis.

Manufacturer Trademarks, Brand names and product names are used throughout the Coverworld website in order to identify the compatibility of the products that we offer to specific manufacturers makes and models we have used the manufactured brand name. We clearly identify whether the product is a genuine branded product or an aftermarket product. If you are unsure then please contact us before placing your order.

Coverworld is not affiliated with any OEM manufacturers or other companies and we simply use the trademark names for identifcation purposes so that you can find the correct, suitable and matching product that can be used by you the customer. We do not suggest or imply that our products are genuine branded products unless expressly stated.

If your ordered items are not delivered, you must contact us within 30 days.

PRICES :- List prices are subject to variation without notice, although every effort will be made to maintain listed prices. Coverworld reserves the right to vary the price of goods due to unpredictable exchange, or other variations outside our control.


Each cover type requires specific fitting methods which can involve a number of process and can take some time.  In some cases for some vehicles, boats, cars, bikes, etc, some installed fittings may need to be removed in order to complete the cover fitment.  In some cases you may require assistance from a third party, your original equipment manufacturer or another specialist supplier / fitter.  All products are provided as is and do not come with any fitting services.  If you are unsure about the fitment you should contact us prior to ordering.


You should always fit a cover to a clean item, clean your car, RV, bike etc.  Dust and dirt particles underneath a cover can cause problems so please ensure surfaces are clean and free of any micro debris before installation.


If we find a price on our website is incorrect, we reserve the right to cancel your order and not send the items that you have ordered.  We are a small business with a big website and there may be mistakes with some pricing or descriptions. Coverworld makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided on our website however as policies, price points, dates, conditions, and information are continually changing, Coverworld reserves the right to change these at any time without notice.


Our manufacturers reserve the right to, from to time, update or change their fitting instructions, application methods or supplied parts.  In such cases as long as the prouct works the same way, or in an improved or altered method for easier fitment, better quality reasons then the item cannot be deemed as mis-sold or incorrectly described.


We hope that our customers can understand that from time to time things go wrong; sometimes we might accidentally pack an incorrect item in an order and you might not receive the item that you have ordered.  If this is the case we will send the correct item out to you immediately and we will arrange to pick up the incorrect item or we might need to ask for you to send the items back to us in a Post Bag that we send to you with the replacement item.  Also, we rely on suppliers and courier companies to have items delivered to us and to you on time; once the item is with the courier if there is any order delay its not possible for us to change the courier method if the items are in transit.


Colour fade is never covered by warranty and is part of normal wear and tear.  Solution dyed specialist fabrics have the highest colour inherrent properties built into the fibres of the fabric.  If Colour Fade is of top priority then custom made covers are normally the best selection.

All ready made covers are not guaranteed to match in colour as they can be produced from different batches of fabric rolls.  If you want a guaranteed colour match you need to have covers custom made so that material is sourced from the one roll to manufacture the covers from.  If you wish to return items due to colours not being exactly the same then you need to do this within your 7 days inspection period and a restocking fee will apply.  We will in some cases send for example, 2 covers which are grey, but they were manufactured at a different time from a different batch.  But we wll never send for example a grey cover and a black cover, they will always be both the same colour type.


If you have received a faulty product please contact us detailing the fault within 7 days of receipt.  If you are able to submit photos this can be very helpful in order for us to more quickly identify and determine the nature of the fault.  If you have received a product which you believe has a manufacturing defect, we will need it sent back to us (in unused condition) to inspect before a refund is supplied.  If the product is found to be faulty (manufactured incorrectly or with faulty components) then we will refund the full original purchase price plus the cost of returing the item to us, if you wish to cancel your order (or replacement is not an option).  If, after inspection the item is not faulty (and depending on the item) a refund less our standard restocking fee will apply.  Special order / custom made items will not be refunded and are not returnable, unless faulty.  There are many items across our website that are made to order if you are not sure please contact us.

Any products damaged by stress points, pressure areas, extreme weather conditions, incorrect usage, environmental pollutants, or usage are not covered by our warranty.


Items we sell have different covering purposes. If we describe that an item is for a specific model and for a specific usage, shape or style, this is only usage that we offer the cover for.  If you have any sharp objects on the item being covered it is your responsibility to ensure that any sharp or stress points are covered or removed to protect the cover being used. Any issue caused by damage from sharp points or water penetrating the seams is not a fault or unfit for purpose.


If you receive an item and believe it is not as described due to measurements not being as specified or any other reason, you must not use the cover and you need to notify us within 7 days of receiving the cover.  If you receive an item and use it then this is considered as acceptance of purchase and the item cannot be returned.  Items cannot be returned for exchange or refund in a used condition.

It is important that you read the fitment details carefully only items that are specifically detailed as 'Custom Fit" are made the exact make, model, year, body, etc of the item being covered.  All other products are semi custom or universal fit.  You should be aware that if you have aftermarket fittings, or have alternative non-standard fittings, then the cover may not be suitable.  You should order carefully as made to order items cannot always be returned. 

Some manufacturers offer optional items with the original purchase; if you have anything that is an optioned product you should check prior to order if it suitable for use with a cover.


Commences date of Order.


Warranties are not transferable and or for the original purchaser only, but are transferable to gift recipients with proof of gifting the item purchase.


From time to time an advertised product on our website may become out of stock or is unavailable and we have not been notified by the manufacturer until we attempt to reorder the item.  If this happens and we are unable to get the item that has been ordered, we shall immediately refund any payments made to us. If an alternative product is available we will contact you prior to refund and give you information about the option to change to an alternative product.


Many items on our website have an estimated number of days or weeks before dispatch depending on the specific item being ordered.  In most cases, items are dispatched within the estimated time frame.  The lead times are business days Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and are etimates only - occasionally from time to time we may go past this lead time, including during times of supply interruption from domestic or global crisis'.  We try our best to keep our customers informed of any delay to their order dispatch.  We do rely on other suppliers and courier companies and at times such matters are out of control.


Days mean ordinary business days and start next business day; our ordinary business days are Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm, and Fridays 8am to 3pm.  Days usually means number of days to process an order, all days are estimates.  Many items are made by 3rd party manufacturers and we are not liable for any days taking longer than our estimate, we try to our best to meet all of our dispatch and lead time estimates.


As as a customer requiring a cover it is your responsibility to check whether your item to cover is compatible with having a cover installed - this includes the surface of the item being covered and also all items underneath the cover, being suitable for fabric coverage.  It is not possible for us to know the exact details of any paint finish, varinsh finish or specific maximum temperature allowances for an item being covered.  You should always take special care with new uncured paint surfaces, varnishes, polishes and electrical equioment.


We reserve the right to refuse any order for whatever reason. We also reserve the right to cancel any purchase (an order already accepted by us) in (amongst others) the following situations, without being liable for any damage or costs:

  • the product is not available / in stock (any payments will be refunded);
  • your billing information is not correct or not verifiable;
  • your order is flagged up by our security systems as an unusual order or an order susceptible to fraud;
  • your bank transfer payment is not received within 12 calendar days after acceptance of your order;
  • there was an error in the price quote;
  • we could not deliver to the address provided by you;
  • we are unable to accept orders from the specific individual.


Part of our Terms and Conditions of sale are that you need to read the copy of your order confirmation email which details the item that you have ordered; it is important you check the accuracy of your email address provided in your order and your mailbox junk/spam settings so you successfully receive all correspondence we send in relation to your order.  This is especially important for telephone orders in case we have mis-heard your order requirements over the phone.  if you do not receive your order confirmation by email immediately upon placing your order, please contact us by phone so that we can re-send it to you straight away.


Coverworld prides itself on offering excellent customer service, and a very informative website with vast amounts of information about the covers that we offer.  We also offer knowledgeable sales staff ready to help with your product enquiries prior to order.  We often go considerably above and beyond our legal requirements for our customers.  If for any reason you are unhappy about any part of the item you have purchased please contact us as soon as possible after placing your order. 

We don't like to have any unhappy customers so please contact us if there is any problem with your order and let us help resolve the matter.


The default shipping lead time for standard stocked items is 1 - 2 (business) days; this does not apply to any made to order or non-stocked items.

If dispatch time is critical for your order, please contact us BEFORE placing your order to discuss estimated lead and dispatch dates for the item/s you wish to order however as usual, we cannot guarantee any lead or dispatch estimate.


As a Coverworld customer or visitor to our website, you agree not make an announcement, blog post, public statement or article for publication without our prior consent.  Please contact us prior to making any public statement for approval from our company.

What happens if your Cover does not fit?

At Coverworld we try to ensure all orders are correct for the item being covered but from time to time any of the following can happen: Customer can select the incorrect item; Coverworld staff can select the wrong item; Manufacturer may provide the wrong information or make an item incorrectly. Sometimes these issues are out of our control but we certainly appreciate that it may be frustrating to have waited for a made to order item that arrives to you and does not fit. But, in many instances, Coverworld is 'the middle man' acting as an order place between the manufacturer and yourself as the customer.  If you are not sure if your item is made to order, please contact us and we will confirm this.

If there is a problem we will try to rectify it as quickly as possible but there are some specific procedures that need to be carried out depending on the item being ordered. We will often require some assistance from you to sort out the problem so please bear with us when we ask for specific details about your order and the cover. In most cases we are simply providing this information back to the original manufacturer and if we can supply everything to them in one go then it makes resolving issue much quicker.

Coverworld source covers from a wide range of cover manufacturers in Australia and overseas; they are all cover specialists and have been manufacturing covers for many years. It is very unusual for there to be fitment issues with made to order covers. In the past when customers have stated that an item does not fit, it has often been a result of the cover not actually being fitted correctly or as recommended.  Correct fitment is essential and depending on which item you are covering fitment can take some time.  It is important to understand all custom made covers are non returnable due to order error or change of mind. In the very seldom event that a manufacturer has incorrectly made a cover then it will be repaired or replaced at their discretion and it may take some time depending on the specific item, where it is manufactured and the time of year. All of our suppliers endeavor to rectify any manufacturing errors quickly.

Please refer to Fitting period information above as most made to order items have 30 days after order receipt to notify us of any manufacturing defect or error, so to identify this, they must be fitted within 30 days.

The items listed below are always made by other manufacturers in Australia or overseas

  • Soft Tonneau Covers for Styleside and Trayback Utes
  • Car, Truck or any other Vehicle Seat Covers
  • Any Custom Made Car Covers
  • Made to Order Boat Covers
  • Made to Order RV Covers

International Orders

Depending on the value of your order, you may or may not be charged customs or import duties.  If your parcel is charged, it is up to the person receiving the parcel to cover these costs (not Coverworld).

Unfortunately, these charges are out of our hands, and charges vary widely from country to country therefore we are unable to predict or estimate what your particular charges may be.  For more accurate information, we suggest getting in touch with your local customs office so you're not unprepared if there are any unexpected shipping charges payable at your end.