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Ford Ranger Tonneau Covers

If you are looking for the Best Tonneau Covers for your Ford Ranger Coverworld range of covers includes No Drill Covers, Clip on Covers and Bunji covers.

Coverworld offer Made in Australia Aftermarket Tonneau Covers - Genuine Quality with 5 Year Warranty.

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Tonneau Covers for Ford Ranger Dual Cab - Super Cab - Single Cab - Cab Chassis

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Which tonneau cover should I choose for my Ranger?

Soft tonneau ute covers in recent years have changed. Not too long ago, the most popular soft tonneau cover was the Bunji style tonneau. However, now the most popular ute soft tonneau is the No Drill Clamp on Cover and the Clip On types of covers. Not all of the cover styles are available for every model of Ford Ranger

For Ford Ranger styleside tubs, you can simple select your model within the make categories and then choose your preferred style from Continuous Rope, Bunji or Clip On (Rivet or Clamp).  We simply have the cover made and dispatched to you in a couple of working days.

For Ford Ranger trayback utes with steel or aluminium trays we offer made to order covers. The preferred choice for trayback utes is normally the Continuous Rope style with shock cord as it fits easily with existing hardware, especially if you've had a previous tonneau installed.  As these are custom made to order, we will require you to provide your tray measurements.

Tonneau Cover Styles

Continuous Rope tonneau: : This style features eyelets built into the tonneau with a stretchy yet strong shock cord that runs continuously around the edge of the tonneau, held on with the buttons (provided in kits). Continuous rope can also be used when existing hardware is on a vehicle, eg. buttons from a previous tonneau installation, or J-Hooks from the vehicle manufacturer.

Bunji tonneau : This style features individual bunji loops that attach to buttons only which are usually provided as part of the kit. (Note that bunji loops are not suitable for J-Hooks).

"Blank" Bunji tonneau:  If you already have buttons installed on your vehicle and wish to re-use them, you can purchase a "Blank" Bunji tonneau.  Blank Bunji tonneau kits come with bunji loops not yet attached to the cover.  This allows you to correctly and easily line up the existing buttons with the new new bunjis yourself, using the punch tool provided.

 Clip On (Rivet design) tonneau:  This tonneau suits those seeking a tidier look, still at a great price, as compared with the exposed bunji or continuous rope style of tonneau.  It is available on a wide range of models, including some older vehicles.  With the full kit, extrusions do need to be riveted into the top of the tub.  If existing hardware exists from a previous clip on style tonneau, this must be removed as all tonneau manufacturers have unique hardware and fitting kits.

Clip On (Clamp design) NO DRILL tonneau:  Like the Clip On Rivet design, this tonneau has the same sleek and tidy look.  However, the added benefit of a  'Clamp design' Clip On tonneau, is that no drilling into the vehicle is required.  As a result, these are very popular for vehicles needing a tonneau which are still under manufacturer warranty.  These clamp style tonneaus are only available for newer model utes.

Care and Maintenance of your Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Covers in our range have a 5 Year Warranty. To maintain your tonneau to keep it in the best condition, you could apply 303 Aerospace Protectant which can add many years of the life of vinyl fabrics.

Tonneau Installation

Tonneaus are designed specifically for each vehicle model and have fitting instructions supplied.  We have been supplying self-install tonneaus for many years to satisfied customers all around Australia.

If you are seeking a Bunji loop style of tonneau and have had one installed on your vehicle previously (with buttons installed), then you need to select the "Blank" Bunji tonneau option. Blank Bunji tonneau kits come with bunji loops not yet attached to the cover.  This allows you to correctly and easily line up the existing buttons with the new new bunjis yourself, using the punch tool provided.

Most tonneau covers are supplied with a complete fitting kit though some installations will require additional tools.  The fitting instructions you will receive detail any extra tools or fittings required (eg. drill, drill bits, rivet gun, marking pen/pencil).  For the Bunji loop style (with buttons on your tray or tub), you can also use a rust protectant which you can buy in all automotive stores.

The New Tonneau Covers for Ford Rangers are available for models from the PJ series from 2007 right up to the current models of the Ranger and for all body shapes including Single, Extra, Double Cab and Cab Chassis Rangers



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(Hole Cut service for aftermarket ladder racks also available.)


Recent changes to motoring rules in many states around Australia mean loads on the back of a ute must be safely secured and restrained.  Remember, when your vehicle is moving, your tonneau must be completed on and secured or not on at all (as 'half-on, half-off' application may damage your tonneau or fly off to become a hazard).

Tonneau Common Names

Ute owners have a number of names for a Soft Tonneau Cover which includes the following terms and spelling: Ute Tarp, Ute Tonno, Ute Torno.  But, whatever you like to call them, we can help you with a cover for your ute!

Tonneau Cover Manufacturers

Coverworld only source Tonneau Covers from Australia's leading manufacturers.