Ford Ranger Ute Soft Tonneau Cover

Ford Ranger Ute Soft Tonneau Cover

Ford Ranger Ute Soft Tonneau Cover Covers


Select your Series of Ford ranger Ute to see the available Tonneau Covers




The PX Ranger models are available in XL / XLS and XLT series. The XLT series comes standard with factory fitted Sports Bars, if you have the XL or XLS series but had optional OEM sports bars installed choose the XLT selection to see all of the Sports Bars options available


The XLT series comes standard with Factory fitted OEM sports bars but if you have removed these then choose the XL and XLS series Soft Tonneau Covers


When shopping for a Tonneau Cover for your Ford Ranger Ute Coverworld are a one stop solution we offer the widest range of Tonneaus online in Australia we source our covers from Australia's leading manufacturers and suppliers


Often we get calls asking about our pricing for example we recently were told that a vehicle dealer had quoted $1000 for a Soft Tonneau yet the same product from Coverworld is $575 which is about 40% lower in price. All we can say is that we offer the Tonneaus at the best prices we can


We don't just offer one type of Tonneau for Ranger utes in fact we have many choices for many models we have the traditional bunji style tonneau, clip on tonneas lift up tonneaus and no body drill tonneaus


If you have sports bars our Tonneaus are only designed to work with factory fitted OEM sports bars, if you have aftermarket sports bars the openings for the bars may not align correctly.