Ford Ranger Seat Covers PX1 - PX2 - PX3 - Raptor - FX4 - XL - XLS - Wildtrack - Custom Fit

Ford Ranger Seat Covers

Ford Ranger Seat Covers

The Seats Covers for the Ford Ranger are all Custom Fit which means they made for the specific seats in your Ford Ranger depending on the Ute Type, Year and Badge.

Patterns available for Ford Ranger Dual Cab, Extra Cab, Single Cab and Cab Chassis, Front and Rear Seats

Choose Getaway Neoprene - Wetseat Neoprene - Black Duck Canvas - Outback Canvas - Tradies Canvas - Leather Look Vinyl - Velour - Woven Jacquard Fabrics - Exceptional Quality Fabrics and Construction

Wide range of Seat Cover Fabric Colours including Black, Grey, Charcoal and Beige

Includes Australian Made and Designed and Ready to Ship Imported Covers

Airbag Safety Seams are included for all vehicles that have Integrated Side Airbags

Warranty - Up to 5 Years depending on Fabric Selection