Car Seat Covers Australia - Aftermaket Seat Covers - Ready Made - Canvas, Neoprene, Velour, Leather Look, Waterproof, Wetseat Neoprene, Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers

Australia's widest range of CAR SEAT COVERS ONLINE including Neoprene - Heavy Duty Canvas - Leather Look Vinyl - Sheepskin and Velour

Car Seat Covers custom fit and vehicle specific either premade ready to ship or made in Australia.  Our wide range of seat covers are available for your Front, Middle or Rear / Back seats and available for sale in a wide range of material choices.

Aftermarket seat covers are made for the specific vehicle listed

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Coverworld have the largest range of seat covers in Australia custom fit from only $99 per row in luxury soft fabrics and durable canvas our range of car seat covers offer great seat protection for all types of vehicles from cars to utes, to suv's to commercial we've got your covered, our range are made by the leading Australian manufacturers. The ready made seat cover accessory packs have covers for all the seats in the vehicle for most models, most packs have seat covers for the front seats and rear seats.

Shop for Seat Covers Online with our extensive range of Custom Fit, Ready made and universal already pre-made for most popular Aussie Vehicles from Sedan, Hatch, Wagon, SUV, 4x4's and Utes

If you cannot find ready made custom seat covers for your car then we can offer made in Australia made to order seat covers. These are available in a range of quality, comfortabale and durable fabric styles, colours and designs. If you want a contemporary stylish look we have a large selection of car seat cover fabrics designed for modern vehicle interiors. If you are looking for seat covers for your ute or work vehicle we have a huge range of heavy duty fabrics designed for strength and durability. Our ready made packs of covers are available in Charcoal and Black to match the vehicle interior but if you would like a different colour car seat cover we have many custom fabric choices available to buy for your seats.

The range of covers supplied by Coverworld are made by Australias leading seat cover manufacturer, they can be made for any size seats from cars to trucks

All seat covers listed above are aftermarket seat covers and are not manufactured by the genuine car dealer.  Brand names and listed for reference to the vehicle, Coverworld are not affiliated with any of the manufacturers names listed.

Q. Which brands of Seat Covers are available from Coverworld?

All of the Custom Fit seats covers for sale online in our store are aftermarket seat covers supplied by Australian companies. As well as well known brands such as Black Duck and the Wetseat we also offer a wide range of aftermarket fabrics which are avaialble premade and custom in some fabrics for some vehicles which are imported seat covers or Custom made to order in Australia.The lowest price car seat covers are usually the imported covers but the made in Australia seat covers are available in a wider range of fabrics and colours.

Q. Do you have Car Seat Covers in Custom Fit or just Universal fit?

We are able to offer custom fit for all Australian car models and universal fit seat covers are available in a wide range of fabrics but universal fit car seat covers do not suit all vehicles

Q. What is the difference between Custom and Universal fit?

Custom Fit Car Seat Covers offer the best fit for your car seats, for many popular vehicles in Australia we have ready made packs tailored for specific vehicles, these are great value and cost as much as 50% less than having the seat covers made to order. You get the advantage of lower prices with a ready made set of seat covers in a custom made pack but you do not get to choose from all of the fabric options available

Q. I can see a custom fit pack of car seat covers for my car which has the front and back row in it but I only need the front row of seats covered?

We cannot split the packs of ready made seat covers if you would like to get just 1 row covered you can optionally choose to have the car seat covers made to order for your car model and then you can choose your own fabric selection but otherwise its often cheaper to buy the complete pack in the ready made option

Q. I have airbags in my car seats is this okay with the car seat covers?

All of our made to order covers can be made with side airbag openings built into the covers, they do not have an actual opening (hole) in the material but are instead stitched with a special thread that is designed to instantly come apart when your car seats airbags need to deploy. Most of our ready made packs for specific cars are also designed with the side airbag technology openings built into the covers, they are all clearly marked. If you find a pack that is not marked as airbag compatible then you can in some options pays for the airbags deploy safe compoinent to be built into the car seat cover

Q. I would like to choose one of your fabrics shown in your custom made car seat covers range how do I go about ordering one of these fabrics?

For most vehicles we either need your VIN number or your model, series, date of manufacture and badge to have custom fit seat covers made for your car.  In some cases we may require a custom seat cover form to be completed.

Q. Do you have strong fabrics designed for work vehicles?

Yes we do, we offer a number of canvas fabrics designed for work vehicles and commercial trucks, machinery and equipment. Contact Coverworld with your vehicle / seat details so that we can check the pattern is available