Car Floor Mats and Floor Liners 100% Waterproof TPE

Coverworld offer a range of Car Floor Mats and Floor Liners that are made to specifically fit each make and model vehicle.  These are aftermarket mats that are waterproof and will protect your original factory fitted carpet from dirt and spills.


Floor Liners and Floor Mats available custom fit for the Vehicles listed

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Available for a wide range of vehicles our custom fit Floor Mats and Liners will provide excellent protection for the carpeted area in your vehicle. Floor Liners provide coverage for the complete foot well area, providing 100% waterproof protection. Excellent to stop dirt, mud and pet hairs from ruining your vehicles interior cartpets

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Custom Fit Floor Mat Instructions

  • 1 - Lay Floor Mat in place and position outside holes in mat to accomodate the existing vehicle lock downs
  • 2 - Mark the carper with a pencil through the centre of the lock down point
  • 3 - Remove mat and unscrew in lock down lug directly into carpet
  • 4 - Re-position the floor mat as per step 1. Use lock down fastener to secure mat via centre lock down point

Download Instructions Here