Standard Bunji Loop 190 (Nominal Length 95mm)


How to Measure Bunji Loops

Measure from the centre of the bunji install position to the centre of the button to determine the length of bunji. The nominal length of the bunji is the length when it is squeezed straight without being pulled or stretched from end to end.

How to measure bunji loops

Find out more about our bunji loops:

  • Size 190 with Nominal length of 95mm
  • Can be installed with a Centre Punch, or Eyelet Durable Punch (also available from Coverworld)
  • For use with Soft Tonneau Covers, Trailer Covers, etc
  • If you have stretched, lost or damaged Bunji Loops on your Soft Tonneau Cover, simply replace them with our handy packs
  • Warranty - 6 Month Warranty
Standard Bunji Loops 190 (Nominal Length 95mm)
    Bunji Loops for Covers size 190 - 95mm Length - Shop Online
    Standard Bunji Loops 190 (Nominal Length 95mm)

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