Seat Covers Ford Focus Trend Hatch - July 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - Oct 2018

The seat covers listed on this page are for the Dates and Badges listed only

  • Vehicle Manufacturer : Ford
  • Series : LZ Series
  • Model : Focus
  • Badges : Trend Badge Only
  • Body : Hatch
  • Dates : July 2015 to Oct 2018
  • Product type : Aftermarket Seat Covers Ready Made Imported Cover and Custom Made in Australia available

Note that the ready made packs of seat covers often have extra components so that can fit models across more than 1 series whereas custom made are only for the specific model detailed.  So the ready made pack on this page suits more models

Ford Focus Seat covers are available in Neoprene, Luxury Velour, Leather Look Vinyl, Waterproof Woven Jacquard and Canvas Fabric. Please check the badge of Ford Focus if you dont have the Trend Badge in the LZ Series see Other models of Ford Focus Seat Covers available here

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