Fabric Seat Covers Rav4 Wagon Custom Fit

  • Custom Fit - Ready Made Pack of Seat Covers for the Complete Vehicle
  • Toyota - Rav 4 - Wagon
  • Dates : Febuary 2013 to December 2018
  • Badges : GX-GXL-CRUISER
  • Seats Covered : Front Bucket Seats - Rears Seats
  • Material Name : Esteem
  • Material Type : Velour Fabric with Stretch Fabric Backing
  • Colour : Black
  • Airbag Compatible Front Bucket seats with Deploy Safe Stitched side seams
  • Material Feature : 3mm Foam Padding
  • Backing Material : Stretch Mesh Fabric
  • Securing method : Fabric Ties
  • Fast Australia Shipping
  • Fabric Name - Esteem
  • Fabric Type - Velour Front - Stretch Fabric Backing
  • Warranty - 1 Year Warranty
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Custom Fit Seats Covers Pre-Made in a Value Package - Approxoimately 50% or more lower price than if you were to select your own choice of similar fabric for this vehicle

Pack Contains 2 Rows of Seat Covers for the Pajero Wagon

Only Compatible with the exact model details listed please check your the Body Shape - Series - Badge and Dates

Front Row seats are for Pajero Wagon bucket seats with Adjustable headrests and integrated side airbags

Second Row of seats covered is the rear bench seat that has a 60 - 40 split base and backrest with side bolsters and armrest


What are Universal Fit seat covers, and can I use them in my vehicle?

Universal Fit Seat Covers are a generic cover design suited to the style of the seat but not the exact seat model. They will not fit seats with contoured edges like sports style seats or with armrests on the seats. Below is a guide to the types of seats that can use universal front seat covers. It is important to note that Universal Fit seat covers for some vehicles are loose in the fit and for other models may offer a tighter fit. If you want guaranteed tight fitting seat covers, we recommend you choose Custom Fit or Custom Made seat covers.

universal fit seat covers

Can I use Universal Fit Rear Seat Covers in my vehicle?

Universal Fit Bench Seat Covers can be used for vehicles with a solid Base and Backrest on the seats design. There are not any allowances for any splits in the seats, armrests or cup holders. Some vehicle owners choose the universal bench seat covers for vehicles where the seats are not commonly used and they don't require the ability to use armrests or cup holders. The Universal Fit Bench Seat Covers design can accommodate up to 3 rear headrests. If you want to be able use all the features in your 2nd or 3rd bench seats with splits and/or cup holders, then you should order Custom Fit or Custom Made seat covers for your specific vehicle.

universal rear bench seat covers

Is there any difference between the materials used in Custom Made seat covers and Universal Fit seat covers?

All of the same materials are available for Custom Fit and Universal Fit seat covers - the difference is in price and fitment style (tailoring). There are only a few exceptions where Universal Fit is not available in the same fabric.

Why do the Universal Fit Seat Covers so much less than Custom Made?

The Universal Fit seat covers have been bulk produced overseas which means they can be offered for sale at a much lower price than Australian made to order for your vehicle. However it's always best to check our specific vehicle listings as we have Custom Fit ready made packs for most current popular vehicles.

Do you have a Custom Made seat cover pattern available for my vehicle?

Custom Made seat covers are available for the majority of vehicle seat patterns being used in Australia. Our range of covers are from different Australian manufacturers who have all been manufacturing seat covers for many years. In some infrequent cases the material that you select might not be available as Custom Made but we may have an alternative and comparable material available.  Whilst it's very uncommon for a pattern to not be available, occasionally if your vehicle is brand new a new pattern might need to be created for you which could add some extra time to your order but we will notify you of this if it applies.

Are Seat Covers easy to fit?

Some other websites we see have listed phrases such as "Easy Fitting System" but thats a bit misleading in our opinion as to get a fitted cover each piece does need to be individually fitted to each part of the seat which is quite a time consuming process depending on the exact types of seats being covered. For example, in some specific vehicles you need to remove the rear base to install the seat covers. Please check your vehicle manual, or with your vehicle manufacturer prior to ordering, as we don't have seat installation and fitting instructions for each and every vehicle.

If I choose Universal seat covers, and I don't like the fit, can I return them?

Ready made items can be returned subject to our normal Terms and Conditions within the returns period, including that they can't be accepted for return if you have installed and used them and they are not in original packaging in resaleable condition. If fitment is important to you, we recommend choosing a Custom Fit pack (ready made) or Custom Made (made-to-order).

If I choose Custom Fit seat covers, and I don't like them, can I return them?

All Custom Fit seat covers can be returned subject to our normal Terms and Conditions within the returns period,including that they can't be accepted for return if you have installed and used them and they are not in original packaging in resaleable condition. If fitment is very important to you, we recommend choosing Custom Made (made-to-order) seat covers.

If I choose Custom Made seat covers, and I don't like them, can I return them?

All Custom Made (made-to-order) items cannot be returned due to order error or change of mind.  Please order carefully or if you are unsure, Contact Us and we can give you some guidance as to the best seat covers for your specific vehicle. Of course, if there is a manufacturing error it will be rectified (note this is very uncommon).


Fitting Instructions are included in all seat cover packs.  It is important to read them before commencing fitment.

Please note:  After fitment, please allow a few weeks for the seat covers to mold and settle properly onto your seats.


Please read the Coverworld Terms and Conditions prior to place an order.


Seat Covers Warranty

Each product has a standard warranty and each individual product type has specific warranties. Please see below standard warranty and seat cover specific warranty information

Seat Covers Warranty Specific Information

Coverworld and the Coverworld website is not associated with the listed Manufacturers, we use the Manufacturer and Model names to identify the aftermarket products that we supply to the Vehicle model. Please contact your local dealer for branded OEM products.