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RAV4 - Seat Covers

Coverworld offer seat covers for all models of the RAV 4 from 1994 to Current

Our seat cover matreial choices include Deluxe neoprene the Wet Seat, Soft Fabric for modern vehicle interiors, Sheepskin and Canvas

If you cannot find your Rav Model listed please contact us because we do have patterns available for all models

When choosing the seat covers for your Rav 4 not all of the materials that we have available are listed under each model. The best value seat covers are the pre-made packs as these have mass produced overseas in custom fit design and after consderably lower in price than choosing custom made to order.

We offer many material types but the Wet Seat Neoprene which is the deluxe Neoprene is Coverworlds favourite material and is used on Coverworlds own company vehicles.