Fold Out Tent Camper - RV Covers

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Coverworld offer a wide range of quality covers for Fold out tent style campers

Q: How do I find the correct size Cover for my Tent / Fold Out Camper Trailer?

To find the correct size Camper Trailer cover for the fold out tent style Camper Trailer you need to measure the overall complete length including the Drawbar. However if you would like a cover for the body only we can custom make this for you.

Q: I have an Awning will the Cover still fit?

Our covers fit for all Camper Trailers with Awnings. For some slimmer models of camper trailer you may want to check the camper width and the awning width to choose the preferred size for your specific model.

Q: How does the camper cover fit over aerials, guttering etc?

We recommend that sharp or fragile objects on the exterior of your camper such as aerials, guttering etc are removed if possible, or covered with a cloth or piece of carpet, before fitting the cover in order to prevent damage to both them and the cover.

Premium Cover Details

The Premium Covers offers good quality at a reasonable price, the fabric is woven so is stronger than the budget cover and has a PU coating for UV and water prevention. We have designed this cover pattern and the shape, size and style is a Coverworld exclusive design.