Gas Bottle Cover Protection

Gas Bottle Cover Neoprene | 8.5kg - 9kg Bottle

Gas Bottle Cover Neoprene | 8.5kg - 9kg Bottle

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Brand Easily to remove and refit when exchanging or refilling cylinders
* Durable, Insulating, Water Repellant & Naturally Padded
* Very easy to apply with snug fit using drawcord at the base
* Extend the life and Enhance the look of your gas bottle
* Perfect for bottles in Storage, including while Travelling
* Made exclusively for Coverworld
Material Neoprene
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Gas Bottle Cover Neoprene | 8.5kg - 9kg Bottle

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Neoprene Gas Bottle Cover

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  • EASY to remove and refit - refilling or exchanging cylinders is a breeze!
  • Durable, Water Repellant & Naturally padded - Protect from stone chips, dust and dirt
  • Insulating and Water repellant - Prevent your gas freezing in cold weather
  • Strong Neoprene Material in an attractive Dark Grey
  • Drawcord at base for a snug fit
  • Heavy duty hook and loop (velcro-style) fastener for easy access to valves
  • Extend the life of your gas bottle and enhance its look
  • Perfect for bottles in Storage, including while Travelling
  • Colour is Dark Grey (Colour in images may appear lighter than actual product)
  • 6 month Warranty (excludes colour fade)


Designed for 8.5kg to 9kg Gas Bottles

Important: Do not expose to sunlight, excessive heat or UV rays as these will adversely affect colour, elasticity and material integrity, reducing life expectancy.

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