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Sectional Sofa Covers by CoverworldcomauThe Sectional Chair Covers on this page are designed for chairs that are open (i.e. without an armrest at one end), typically found in L shape sofas.

When choosing a cover, please measure your actual furniture to find the best fitting option for you. Please refer to each product's description, though most of our covers are 5cm longer and wider than size detailed (however, heights detailed are the actual cover heights).

You will need to combine one Modular sofa cover and L Shape section cover to create coverage for your L Shape sofa


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How to Measure

When measuring your Sectional Sofa Setting, the following information is a guide for how to choose the best size cover.

Please note that listed sizes are the maximum recommended size your sectional furniture item should be.  Most of our covers do have a length and/or width allowance of a further 5cm to ensure your cover can be fitted easily, however please refer to each product's description for details.  (Note: Height measurements do not usually have extra allowance.)

how to measure furniture for a cover

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