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Modular Couch CoversCoverworld offers a range of Covers for Modular Settings including Modular Sofas and Modular Chairs (where the armrest/s and backrest are the same height), and Sectional items.

  • Outdoor Modular Chair Covers

    Outdoor Chair Covers for Modular Chair shapes in sizes to suit most popular sized Outdoor Chairs being used in Australia. (The shaping of these covers have the same height at the sides as the front so if you have a higher back and lower arms on your chairs, see our related category of Sofa - Lounge Chair Covers.)

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  • Outdoor Modular Sofa Covers

    Modular Sofa Covers are for Outdoor Patio and Under Deck Settings that have the height of the arms and the back the same (or a similar height).  If your sofa has lower arms and higher backs of more than 15cm, see our range of traditional shape Sofa Covers.

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  • Outdoor L Shape Section Covers

    L Shape Section Covers are designed to either be used in combination with a Modular Sofa to create an L Shape Sofa Cover or to fit chairs where one end of the chair is open without an armrest.

    By combining the Modular and L Shape Section Cover most L Shape Sofa configurations can be covered.

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  • Custom Made L Shaped Covers

    Coverworld recommends Custom Covers to assist you in the manufacturing of a custom fit L-Shaped Sofa Cover, available in a range of fabrics designed for full outdoor use or under a patio roof.

    Premade L Shape is available if you choose a Modular Sofa Cover combined with an L Shape section Cover to create an L Shape to suit your sofa configuration


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