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Superior Quality Seat Covers in The Wet Seat Neoprene Made to Order. Select the rows you would like to order and the Neoprene Colour Choice from available seat cover choices

Wow what a Fabulous Quality Seat Cover - Made for the Vehicle Owner who wants the best of all worlds

  • Great Looks
  • Great Fitment to the Seats
  • Great Quality Neoprene
  • Great for Family Vehicles
  • Great for Work Vehicles

Wet Seat Information for Custom Made Neoprene Seat Covers

  • The seat covers listed on this page are vehicle specific seat covers in custom fit
  • These seat covers are made to order in Australia
  • Wet Seat seat covers constructed from full 2.7mm neoprene - most custom seat cover patterns are fully covered on the back with the wet seat neoprene
  • Wet Seat Neoprene is Highly water, abrasion and chemical resistant
  • UV resistant neoprene material
  • The backing of the Wet Seat Neoprene is a Ribbed sharkskin rubber lining which grips to seat without movement or damage
  • Quality and Fitment are on par to OEM quality seat covers
  • 100% waterproof neoprene material
  • Neoprene made from 98% rubber
  • Will not result in increased perspiration even with the rubber backing
  • Black and Grey Neoprene available with multiple stitch colour choices
  • Where applicable, front, middle and rear rows allow for split fold, armrests and anchor points
  • Headrest covers included
  • Velcro straps to fasten seat covers
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Manufacturing lead time depends on time of year
  • The images show are for illustration purposes only and are not fitted to the model unless detailed in the photo


Please read the fitting instructions for the Wet Seat and Tuff Seat Covers


Please download the Seat Cover Fitting Instructions


Wetseat Neoprene FAQ

Wet Seat Neoprene.  Is an exceptional quality Neoprene that is 2.7mm thick.  The backing of the Neoprene is a soft rubber blend which grips to the seat and will not move around when installed properly.  

The Wetseat Neorprene seat covers are made by one of the most respected seat cover manufacturers in Australia who also manufacture OEM seat covers for a number of Australian vehicle brands. 

Are wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers Made in Australia?

For mosot popular vehicles there are some Wetseat neoprene seat covers that are available as premade seat covers that have been made overseas which helps make them a lower cost than the Australian made to order seat covers.  For all other vehicles they are made in Australia to order

Do your seat covers come with fitting instructions?

Installation instructions are typically found inside the packaging with the most popular makes and models (Ranger, Hilux, Landcruiser, Amarok, Triton etc), however due to the significant overheads (time/cost) associated with producing vehicle specific installation instructions, not all vehicles will have instructions. 

The generic fitting instructions are available online.

Q: Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

PO Boxes are a secure delivery method as they are a very secure way to receive your covers without you needing to be home to receive the goods, plus we primarily ship via Australia Post.

March 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - Dec 2016

Seat Covers Wet Seat Neoprene for Toyota FJ Cruiser - Custom Fit Made in Australia

  • Custom Fit available for the Complete Vehicle
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser Wagon
  • Dates : March 2011 to Dec 2016
  • GSJ15R Series Only
  • Seats Covers available : Front and Rear Rows of Seat Covers
  • Getaway Neoprene
  • Neoprene Front and Neotex fabric Backing for Superior Fit
  • Airbag Compatible Front Bucket seats with Deploy Safe Stitched side seams for applicable vehicles
  • Front seats secure with Velcro and not Fabric Ties
  • Exceptional Quality and Value
  • Front and Rear Seats are Custom Made - Made in Australia
  • Available in Black and Grey with multiple stitching colour choices
  • Fabric Name - Wetseat Neoprene
  • Fabric Type - Neoprene
  • Warranty - 2 Year Warranty
Seat Covers Toyota FJ Cruiser - Wet Seat Neoprene
    Seat Covers Toyota FJ Cruiser - Wet Seat Neoprene
    Seat Covers Toyota FJ Cruiser - Wet Seat Neoprene

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