Volkswagen Golf - Jacquard Seat Covers - MK7 - 90TSI STD - 92TSI Trendline - Hatchback - 2013 to 2017


Weekend Jacquard is a great fabric choice for modern vehicles it looks stylish on the inside perfect for the VW Golf. Its comfortable and Durable and in Custom fit will hug the contours of your vehicle seats



What is Jacquard Fabric?

A Jacquard fabric is any type of fabric with a pattern woven directly into the fabric. The Jacquard that we have available is a 15oz (525gsm) premium jacquard fabric. This specific material looks very similar to the Original Manufacturers fabric found in modern vehicles.

Important Fabric Fitting Information

When you first receive your Jacquard Seat Covers they will not immediately mould to the contours of the seats and you should allow 4-8 weeks for them to fit to the seats contours.


Jacquard Fabric Type 15oz (525gsm) Premium Jacquard fabric
Additional Features Includes an additional thick 6mm foam backing for superior comfort
Rear and Seat Skirt Material Heavy Duty Neotex 10oz (350gsm) skirt and backing
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Prices Premade when available are $165 per row and Made in Australia are $219 per row

Are the Jacquard Seat Covers available in more than one colour choice?

Yes, when they are made to order you can choose Black or Grey Fabric. When the Jacquard seat covers are available premade they are in the black only

What does Custom Fit Jacquard Seat Covers Mean?

There are 2 types of car seat covers available in Australia which are Custom Fit or Universal Fit. A custom fit seat cover is one that has been patterned and designed specifically for the seats in your vehicle so that they will follow the contours of the seats and provide an excellent fit similar to the original seat covers fitted to your vehicle. Universal fit seat covers are cheaper but do not provide the same level of quality fitment and do not suit all vehicles which is why we reccomend Custom Fit for the best fit, look and comfort

I have leather seats in my Car Can I use the Seat Covers that are listed for my vehicle with Leather Seats?

Yes, you can use this woven jacquard fabric on leather seats

Why is a good Idea to cover my Car Seats?

When you buy your vehicle new of course the seats look great and its hard to imagine that they wont always stay looking the same but if you fit seat covers they serve a dual purpose one is they will protect the seats which over time the fabrics or leather can become worn out and start to loose that nice new look and seat covers provide an extra layer of comfort, most of the seat covers include additional foam padding which you can feel when sitting in the seats, great for frequent driving when seat comfort is really important.

I am not sure which type of Seat Cover Material - Fabric to choose for my Car Seats can you help?

The main options for most models are Getaway Neoprene - Woven Jacquard - Luxury Velour - Leather Look Vinyl and Canvas - they all offer something different in their design so please read the information about each material type below.

Woven Jacquard Summary

The woven jacqaurd offers a OEM style seat cover which is great for family vehicles, the look is a modern and neat finish available in Black and Grey which suits most modern vehicle interiors. Good Quality and Practical Material choice for your car seat covers.


Please read the fitting instructions for the Seat Covers prior to Purchase. In general we suggest allowing 30 minutes to fit each row of seat covers

Please download the Seat Cover Fitting Instructions


This product is backed by a Three (3) Year Warranty.  To read our full Warranty details, please click here.

  • Custom Fit available for the Complete Vehicle
  • Volkswagen Golf MK7
  • Dates : Aug 2012 to May 2017
  • 90TSI STD - 92TSI Trendline - Hatchback
  • Seats Covers available : Front and Rear Rows of Seat Covers
  • Weekend Jacquard is a OEM quality Seat Cover fabric
  • Jacquard Fabric has a waterproof membrane which ensures your seats stay dry and comes with a Neotex fabric Backing for Superior Fit.
  • Airbag Compatible Front Bucket seats with Airbag Safe Stitched side seams for applicable vehicles
  • Front seats secure with Velcro and not Fabric Ties
  • Exceptional Quality and Value
  • Front and Rear Seats Premade ready to Ship
  • Available in Black
  • Fabric Name - Weekend Jacquard
  • Fabric Type - Jacquard
  • Warranty - 3 Year Warranty
Seat Covers VW Golf MK7 - 90 TSi STD and 92 TSi Trendline - Woven Jacquard
    volkswagen golf - jacquard seat covers - mk7 - 90tsi std - 92tsi trendline - hatchback - 2013 to 2018
    Seat Covers VW Golf MK7 - 90 TSi STD and 92 TSi Trendline - Woven Jacquard

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