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Printed Tyre Cover featuring a Tropical Sunset Graphic

Lovely tyre cover for those who love Tropical Images


Q : How do I know if the Printed Tyre Cover is going to fit?

A : Each tyre cover is custom made in Australia and we required the sidewall code on your tyre, with this code we are able to determine the specific measurements of your tyre for a perfect fit tyre cover.

Q : I know my Spare Wheel is a 13" / 14" etc.  Why is this not enough information for you to make the Spare tyre Cover?

A : Although wheel sizes are standard, once the tyre is added they have different sidewall measuements and different depths, which we can determine from the tyre code.

Q : With the stock designs that you have, am I able to make a change to the cover such as add some text?

A : Whilst it's not possible to make changes to the our pre-designed tyre covers, you could instead opt for a Design Your Own custom print tyre cover which you can view here.

Q : I would like to buy a Printed Tyre Cover as a gift but I don't know the code on my friends tyres.  What can I do?

A : If you would like to have one of the printed tyre covers made, rather than a universal size cover only available in plain Black, you'll need to get a friend, family member or neighbour to take a photo of the tyre (with tyre code visible) with their phone to send to you.  Unfortunately, the sidewall dimensions and the tyre depth varies significantly from tyre to tyre so it's important that we are provided with the correct code.

Q : How long do the Printed Tyre Covers take to make?

A : The stock design covers are quicker to manufacturer than custom design tyre covers because the artwork has already been done.  The lead time does vary depending on the time of year, but general manufacturing time is about 1 week from date of order however this can increase during holiday seasons. If you need the cover for a specific date such as birthday or other gift, please contact us to discuss your situation.  We will always try our best to get your order to you on time.

  • Manufactured to Fit your Specific Spare Tyre
  • UV Rated Inks and Quality Vinyl used throughout construction
  • Heavy Duty Elastic Cord in Hem for a snug / tight fit
  • Workmanship Guaranteed, Made in Australia
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Fabric Type - Vinyl
  • Warranty - 2 Year Warranty
Made to Order - Normal Manufacturing Time 2-4 Weeks


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