Car Seat Covers for VW Beetle Hatchbacks in wide range of materials and colours including Fabrics, Neoprene, Sheepskin and Canvas

Seat Covers for VW Beetle

vw beetle seat covers


Shop Online for the widest range of Seat covers for VW Beetles manufactured by Australia's most trusted seat cover specialists. Tailored fitting seat covers that will provide great protection for your seats and keep your car interior looking great


If you cannot find you vehicle listed please contact us as new patterns are added to the seat cover patterns library weekly

Universal Fit Seat Covers

When you buy Online Universal Fit Car Seat Covers for your VW Beetle they may not always be the best choice as some of the

  • Universal fit seat covers are a lower price than tailor made
  • You can optionally choose Universal Fit Seat covers for the front (if specified) and tailored for the back

Universal Fit Seat Covers for the VW Beetle are the lowest price seat covers

Tailor Made Seat Covers

If you want to buy perfect fit seat covers for your VW Beetle then tailor made offer this quality fitment, they are individually made to order in your choice of material and colour

  • Vast range of materials such as Fabrics, Neoprene, Sheepskin and Canvas
  • Designed for Trailering as well as Outdoor Storage
  • Made to order for your seats = perfect fit

Tailor made seat covers a bit more expensive than custom fit but they do provide a perfect fit for your seats


Q. Not sure which seat cover material is best for your VW Beetle Seats?

Coverworld offer seat covers in materials that suit all uses and applications

Read our detailed materials information below and please contact Coverworld if you need help choosing the seat cover material for your VW Beetle after reading this information

When you are thinking about buying car seat covers price is normally the first consideration our universal fit range address this issue, prices are great, but you though for some vehicles universal fit offering an excellent fit you need to consider than sometimes they dont fit all shapes of seats and will be a bit baggy or loose on some seats. If you want perfect fit then choose tailor made



Contemporary Seat Cover Fabrics


Most vehicles are sold with contrmporary fabrics for modern vehicle interiors, our contemporary fabrics range are available in many fabric designs which include grey, charcoal, black and beige colour choices with many seat cobver designs such as embossing and embroidering detailing


Neoprene Seat Covers


Neoprene is a very popular material choice because it looks great, is comfortable but also very durable, for example if you often go to the beach and get in the car a bit damp then neoprene is a great choice. Great styling available with Neoprene we have more than one neoprene seat cover suppler and colours range from Black, Grey, Beige and even pink with many stitch colour choices. Neoprene seat covers in your VW Beetle are practical and look great


Canvas & Vinyl Seat Covers


Canvas and Vinyl are great for work vehicle and car seats that gets lots of rough treatments maybne from kids with feet on the seats, or spills etc, Canvas is the choice for heavy duty use and we have many canvases available. We also offer a vinyl which is a very durbale seat cobver, often purchased from Coverworld by taxi drivers who want waterproof and a great look, they have an synthetic leather look to them


Sheepskin Seat Covers


Sheepskin is a luxury seat cover choice with many benefits aside from comfort they are cool in summer and warm in winter. If you want Sheepskin seat covers for your VW Beetle if a universal fit is suited to your specific seats this will be a much lower price sheepskin, and then for the back you will need to get tailor made, or some car owners choose sheepskin for the front seats and contemporary material for the back row of seats


Volkswagen® Information

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