Seat Covers for Toyta Hilux, Toyota Hilux Seat Covers, SR, SR5, Utes aftermarket seat protection, canvas and hard wearing material

Toyota Hilux Ute Seat Covers

Toyota Hilux Ute Seat Covers




  • Single Cab | Standard Cab | Regular Cab
  • Extra Cab | Super Cab | King Cab | Cab Plus | Club Cab | Space Cab (No Ready Made Packs available for Extra Cab Utes)
  • Dual Cab | Double Cab | Crew Cab | Twin Cab


Coevrworld offer seat covers for every model of Hilux Ute please contact us if you cannot find your Hilux Ute listed


Toyota Hilux Ute Seat Covers

Toyota Hilux Ute Seat Covers


Coverworld offer seat covers for all models of the Hilux Ute, Single and Dual Cabs. Seat Covers are available in a wide range of materials, colours and types of usage


The best value seat covers are the ready made packs that provide a perfect fit for your Hilux Seats, they offer the same quality of fitment of made to order but have been already mass produced which means you get seat covers for your Hilux Ute at a great price. Ready Made packs available in a soft fabric and a durable canvas for most current models

If you want to protect your seats with a very heavy Black Duck Canvas for Sheepskin, Neoprene or just a different material type we are able to provide them for your Toyota Hilux Seats

All seat covers offered by Coverworld are aftermarket seat covers but are high quality, manufactured, designed and supplied by Australias leading seat cover manufacturers. When you order made to order seat covers they are made in Australia Seat Covers


Cant find your Vehicle Listed ?

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Custom Made Seat Covers for thousands of vehicles in a wide range of Fabrics to suit all vehicle interiors

If you cannot find your vehicle listed or would like to see pricing in some different fabrics please view our made to order Fabric, Canvas and Sheepskin Seat Covers available.

As a price guide most Custom made to order seat covers are $189 for one row of seats (front, middle or rear) for fabrics, from $239 for canvases and from $459 for sheepskin.

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