Holden Astra Car Seat Covers, CD, CDX

Holden Astra Car Seat Covers

Holden Astra car Seat Covers

For the Holden®  Astra We are able to offer a range of seat cover options for your vehicle.

Some models can use Universal Fit Seat Covers for the Front Seats but if you would like to have the rear seats covered you would need custom made.  Custom Made Car Seat Covers offer a tailored fit, they are more expensive than Universal fit. Universal Fit Seat Covers are ready made they are available in quality fabrics at great prices but we do not guarantee the same quality of fit as you will get from tailored fitting seat covers.

To keep costs down you could optionally choose to have a Universal Fitting seat cover for the front two seats and custom made for the back, though the most used front seats will not have the better fit.

Look at our model chart below to choose which seat covers you would like for your Holden Astra.

If you choose custom made seat covers then we will require a basic vehicle model details form to be completed

Description Body  Year Universal Front  Front  Middle   Rear
Astra SLX  Sedan  1987 - 1989  Yes  Custom   -  Custom
Astra SLE  Sedan  1987 - 1989  Yes  Custom    Custom
Astra  Sedan  1999 - 2001  Yes  Custom    Custom
Astra  Sedan  2002 - 2005  Yes  Custom    Custom
Astra CDX  Sedan  2003 - 2005  Yes  Custom    Custom
Astra TS  Sedan  2005 - 2005  Yes  Custom    Custom
Astra Equipe  Sedan  01/2005 - 06/2009  No  Custom    Custom

Universal Fit car Seat Covers

Custom Made Car Seat Covers

My Model Is not listed can you still supply seat covers?

Yes, for most vehicles from 1970 onwards we are able to provide Custom Made Seat Covers


Cant find your Vehicle Listed ?

car seat covers

Custom Made Seat Covers for thousands of vehicles in a wide range of Fabrics to suit all vehicle interiors

If you cannot find your vehicle listed or would like to see pricing in some different fabrics please view our made to order Fabric, Canvas and Sheepskin Seat Covers available.

As a price guide most Custom made to order seat covers are $189 for one row of seats (front, middle or rear) for fabrics, from $239 for canvases and from $459 for sheepskin.

Custom Made Car Seat Covers