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Umbrella Cover

Outdoor Umbrella Cover and Cantilever Umbrella Covers

Shop Online for Outdoor Umbrella Covers and Cantilever Umbrella Covers available to suit most typical sized patio and garden umbrellas being used in Australia.

The Umbrella Cover sizes are available for 4 sizes of Umbrellas and they are designed to be easy to fit with a front zipper opening and they are supplied with straps to secure tightly around the umbrella when the cover is fiited.

These covers are great for weather protection as well as dirt protection for your umbrella when you are not using it during winter. The fabric is a neutral grey colour that suits most outdoor and garden areas.

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Umbrella Covers FAQ

Which type of Umbrella Covers are available to buy Online?

Centre post garden / outdoor table Umbrellas and Cantilver Umbrellas.  The 2 styles available accomodate the types of Umbrellas being used in Australia, the Cantilever umbrellas are a larger size cover to accomodate the shape of the Cantilever Umbrella.

The centre post umbrella covers are designed with a slimmer top to suit the shape of the centre post umbrella and the cantilver umbrella covers have a much wider top to fit the Cantilever shape.

How do I fit the Umbrella Cover?

The umbrella covers have a zip along the length of them so that you can open them for installation they also have an sewn in pocket so that you can insert a pole, such as a brook stick into the pocket to lift the umbrella cover into postion onto your Umbrella

Are the Umbrella covers suitable for long term storage?

Yes, the fabric used is a UV resistant polyester designed for outdoor use, so if your umbrella is not packed away in winter time you can leave the cover on your umbrella when not in use outside.

How durable is the fabric used on the covers?

Some other retailers suggest that Polyester fabric is not suitable for outdoor Umbrella covers, but like everything it depends on the quality being used.  You can get poor quality and great quality polyester fabrics and Coverworld outdoor covers range are all made from a excellent quality polyester fabric which is perfect for use in Australian conditions.