Outdoor Equipment Covers

Coverworld range of equipment covers includes BBQ Covers, Air Con Unit Covers, Ride On Mowers and Garden Tractors Covers, Gas Bottle Covers, Patio Heater Covers and LCD TV Screen Covers.

  • BBQ Covers & Outdoor Kitchen

    BBQ Covers for Built in BBQs, Flat Top BBQs, Hooded and Flat Top BBQs, Island BBQs, and Kettle BBQs and Smokers.

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  • Gas Bottle Covers

    BBQ and Caravan Gas Bottle Covers - Insulated Neoprene Material

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  • Air Conditioner Covers

    Airconditioner Covers to prevent dirt and dust getting into your Aircon Units.  We have a range of sizes to suit most AirCon Units being used in Australia.

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  • Lawn Mower Covers

    Lawn Mower Covers to protect your lawn mower from weather to ensure it keeps looking after your lawn all year around.

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  • Ride On Mower Covers

    Protect your Ride On Mower from dirt, dust and weather.

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  • Spa Covers

    Ready Made Covers for most popular Spa / Hot Tub / Jacuzzi sizes, available in a range of shapes including round, square and rectangle.

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  • LCD TV Screen Covers

    TV Screens can be prone to dust, and direct sunlight and/or heat can shorten the life of screens so extend their life with a protective cover.  Full back and open back covers (also known as half tv covers) available.

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  • Patio Heater Covers

    Cover your Patio Heater when not in use or through the warmer months to keep out bugs, prevent rust and extend the look and life of your heater.

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