Nissan Navara New Soft Tonneau covers

Coverworld offers a wide range of Soft Tonneaus for most popular utes. Our range includes many styles including Bunji Tonneau, Continuous Rope Tonneaus, and Clip On Tonneaus (Rivet or Clamp No Drill Tonneau Covers).  Fitting kits are supplied with most tonneaus.

Coverworld offer a wide range of Soft Tonneau Covers for Nissan Utes.  Select your model from below and see the range of Soft Tonneau Covers we supply.



Our range of Soft Tonneau covers are manufactured in Australia by the most respected aftermarket suppliers with quality on par to genuine vehicle manufacturer tonneaus but with prices considerably lower than the factory branded products.  Our incredible quality covers have 3-5 year warranties.


Coverworld and the Coverworld website is not associated with the listed Manufacturers, we use the Manufacturer and Model names to identify the aftermarket products that we supply to the Vehicle model. Please contact your local dealer for branded OEM products.