Aftermarket Seat Covers for Ford Ranger Extra Cab Ute Seat Covers PX

Seat Covers for Ford ® Ranger Super Cab Ute Seat Covers

  Super Cab Ute Seat Covers


The Seat Covers offered by Coverworld for Ford® Super Cab Ute are aftermarket seat covers and not OEM Branded


So many choices for your Ranger which fabric to choose?


The Weekend Fabric and the Getaway Neoprene are pre made and sold per row. These are both very high quality products with some exceptional features such as the front seats secure with the hook and loop rather than fabric ties. The rear stretch fabric is very high quality with memory stretch.


Finally the Deluxe Wet Seat Neoprene is a fabulous quality Neoprene that does not have any fabric ties, the seat covers are all over Neoprene, and the Neoprene is available in many colour choices of Neoprene and stitching. For this range only the front seat covers do not have airbag stitching but instead have open seams. The backing of the Wet Seat Neoprene is a sharkskin rubber, whereas the Getaway Neoprene has a foam backing. Highest Price option and is made to order


  • Coverworlds opinion

  • Best Quality fabric choice is the Weekend

  • Best Price Neoprene is the Getaway but has less colour options, Best Quality Neoprene is the Wet Seat.

  • Best all over seat covers are the Weekend or Getaway Neoprene with the high quality backing fabric as well as great quality front, or the Wet Seat Neoprene with its all over Neoprene design

  • Heavy Duty Fabric is the Trade Canvas Ready Made in 14oz Canvas

  • Any questions... please contact us

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  1. Ranger PX - XL Super Cab Seat Covers - Canvas

    Ranger PX - XL Super Cab Seat Covers - Canvas

    Special Offer Free Delivery to 99% of Australian Addresses
    Ford Ranger PX Series - XL | Super Cab Ute Seat Covers
    From Date : 2012 | End Date : To Current
    Front Row and Back Seat Covers Available
    • Manufacturer : Ford
    • Model : Ranger
    • Body : Super Cab Ute
    • Series : PX series ( Badge XL)
    • Fit : Tailored Fit Seat Covers
    • Fabric : Trade Canvas
    • All Over Canvas Front and Rear
    • Front seats secure with Velcro and not Fabric Ties
    • Colour : Grey
    • Designed for Models with Side Airbags
    • Water Canvas Material
    • 14oz Heavy Duty Canvas with PVC Lining
    • Front Row of Seats Covered
    • 5 Years Warranty

    From $159.00

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  2. seat cover manufacturer neoprene ranger super cab

    Neoprene Seat Covers Ford® Ranger PX / PXII (Super Cab) | Deluxe Neoprene - 10/2011 to Current

    Universal or Tailored Fit
    Manufacturing Time 2-4 weeks


    • Manufacturer : Ford®
    • Model : Ranger
    • Series : PX and PXII
    • Body : Super Cab Ute
    • Date : 10/2011 to Current
    • Fabric Style : Deluxe High Quality Neoprene (Wet Seat)
    • Secured with Clips and / or Velcro (No Fabric Ties)
    • Colours : Charcoal, Black, Tan and Pink with multiple stitch options
    • Custom Made to Order
    • Airbag Compatible Front Seat Covers - With side airbag opening in the seats
    • Optionally choose Universal or Custom Fit for this specific vehicle
    • Front Bucket Seats and Second Row Available
    • 1 Year Warranty
    $ Depends on Universal, Tailored Fit and Number of Rows Selected

    From $209.00

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Barefoot Property Pty Ltd trading as Coverworld and the Coverworld website is not associated with Ford® and we use the Manufacturer and Model names to identify the aftermarket products that we supply to the Vehicle model.  Please contact your local Ford® dealer for branded Ford® products.


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If you cannot find your vehicle listed or would like to see pricing in some different fabrics please view our made to order Fabric, Canvas and Sheepskin Seat Covers available.

As a price guide most Custom made to order seat covers are $189 for one row of seats (front, middle or rear) for fabrics, from $239 for canvases and from $459 for sheepskin.

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