Pop Up Camper Trailer Covers

Pop Up Camper Trailer Covers available with up to 10 years warranty, high quality marine grade fabrics and budget cover options available.

Also Hail Protection Storm Covers with Triple Layer Protection also available

You can also search by your Camper Trailer Model
Free Fabric swatches available for most Pop Up Camper Trailer Covers please call or send an email for a Fabric Swatch

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Q: How do I find the correct size for my Camper Trailer?

To find the correct size Camper Trailer cover , just measure the length of the camper body only – don’t include the hitch

Q: I have an Awning will the Cover still fit?

Our covers fit for all Camper Trailers with Awnings. For some slimmer models of camper trailer you may want to check the camper width and the awning width to choose the preferred size for your specific model.

Q: How does the camper cover fit over aerials, guttering etc?

We recommend that sharp or fragile objects on the exterior of your camper such as aerials, guttering etc are removed if possible, or covered with a cloth or piece of carpet, before fitting the cover in order to prevent damage to both them and the cover.  Ultimate and Ultimate Plus range are supplied with a reinforcement kit to provide extra strength at stress points.

Pop Up Camper Trailers Weather Protection

We offer a cover solution for most Australian and USA imported pop up camper trailer covers, our range includes the premium, ultimate, ultimate plus and stormcovers with a 5 year warranty for Ultimate Plus and Stormcovers. We know that a camper trailer is a big investment and so protection from the weather will in the long term help your resale value be improved, the weather can be very damaging to all types of pop up camper trailers, you would be surprised how quickly the harsh uv conditions in Australia can quickly damage teh rubber seals, silicone seals, roof and body coating in fact a few years of full weather exposure will be noticeable compared to a camper trailer that has been weather protected.


In general most retailers do not want to stock an expensive camper trailer cover on the shelves, they take up a lot of space and quality fabric that will last in Australian conditions are expensive. As many of our range is made to order we can offer superior quality fabric that are engineered to last in the harsh UV conditions in Australia. Simply put a budget cover will not withstand the sun and weather in Australia. Our Ultimate, Ultimate Plus and Stormcovers will provide many years of RV protection, they cost more than ready made covers you can find in local stores but they last considerably longer. The Ultimate and Ultimate Plus covers are made in the USA from marine grade fabrics with state of the art UV, mould, mildew and water repellent inhibitors built into the fabric

The Fabric that Coverworld Camper Trailers Covers are made from

We offer different fabrics for different types of RV's. There are lots of considerations when choosing a cover for your camper, caravan or motorhome, as some Caravans and very long and very high which means they use a lot of material to make them. When you look at just one metre of fabric and hold it in your hands you will see it is not very heavy but when you have a cover that has used perhaps 50 metres of fabric then the weight of the cover can become an important consideration for choosing the cover that is easiest for you to installe

Premium Covers for Caravans and Campers are made for us to our designs by our preferred manufacturer in China. We have selected a Polyester fabric rather than a non woven polypropylene, as this does last longer in the sun. The roof section of all of our ready made premium cover is a heavier weight fabric than the sides. These covers all have a one year warranty, no further warranty is implied but they have been selling for more than 12 months without any UV issues. These covers are recommended for RV owners who are budget conscious and dont want to make a big investment in a cover

The Premium Caravan cover is made to our unique three piece zip on design, they have a very heavy weight roof fabric and lighter sides, they have great pattern and provide a very good fit to all types of caravans and pop top vans being used in Australia

Stormcovers are manufactured on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland they were originally designed for protection from Hail Damage for cars but since Stormcovers bought the design rights from the original inventor they have focused on reinventing the Stormcover to provide not only the highest level of weather protection but our own design of a zip on cover makes the installation of a large bulky cover relatively easy for even the largest size of Caravan or Motorhome.

Stormcovers are used by thousands of RV owners Australia wide we have sent Stormcovers to every state in Australia, a very large amount of Stormcover sales are from recommendation or referral.

Though we recognise that Stormcovers are expensive compared to the price of your RV the investment in a Stormcover is a lot less than the cost of putting up a shed or protective roof. We have been manufacturing Stormcovers for cars and RV's for 7 years and prior to us making them they were made by the original designer for many years.