303 Multi Surface Cleaner for fabrics and vinyl

303 Multi Surface Cleaner

You will be amazed at the versatility of 303® Aerospace Protectant around your home, office, workshop or recreation space.

Powerful concentrated cleaner delivers spectacular results, even for the heaviest cleaning jobs without caustic chemicals or solvents. Safely brightens and rejuvenates most surfaces and fabrics. Cleans all indoor and outdoor fabrics, carpet and upholstery. Rinses completely away, residue free. Can be used full strength or diluted with water. Safe for ALL water-safe materials.

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  • Value Care Pack for Patio Outdoor Furniture Value Care Pack for Patio Outdoor Furniture
    $65.00 Regular Price $92.95
    • 303® Value Pack at a great price!
    • INCLUDES: 946ml Multi-Surface Cleaner + 473ml Fabric Guard + 473ml Aerospace Protectant
    • Unsurpassed Cleaning & UV-Screening protection!
    • Quickly and easily restores a "like-new" colour, luster & gloss
    • Easy to use and apply
    • Aerospace Protectant has hundreds of uses around the home, office & garage - it will be your new favourite product!
    • Excellent value - perfect for gifts!
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  • 303 Multi Surface Cleaner (946ml) 303 Multi Surface Cleaner (946ml)
    Special Price $24.90 Regular Price $24.95
    • 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner is the ultimate cleaning power with no residue
    • Safely brightens & rejuvenates surfaces
    • Designed for all water-safe materials
    • Leaves surfaces looking new every time
    SKU : TRIC-303-30207
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