Premium Outdoor Car Covers for Utes and 4X4 Utes - Best Value Weather Protection

  • One of our most popular covers EVER! Best Value!
  • For Indoor AND Outdoor Use!
  • Excellent weather protection including Rain & damaging UV
  • Soft Cotton inner lining to protect your Ute or 4X4 Ute
  • Many sizes available - Universal Fit
  • Fabric Type - Premium (Woven Polyester)
  • Warranty - 1 Year Warranty
Outdoor Car Covers - Utes and 4x4 Utes
    Outdoor Car Covers - Utes and 4x4 Utes
    Outdoor Car Covers - Utes and 4x4 Utes

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    Universal Fit Premium Outdoor Car Covers - many sizes available for Utes

    • Manufactured with a Premium Woven Polyester Fabric
    • Soft Cotton, non-abrasive and anti-scratch inner material lining to be gentle on paintwork
    • Protect your Ute from inclement weather including Rain and harsh UV rays
    • Features security holding straps and elastic hems for a tidy fit
    • Includes breather vents to assist air flow and reduce moisture build up
    • Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Use!
    • Highly Water Resistant Cover - one of our best sellers ever!
    • Available in neutral Grey only

    Tip: Ensure your vehicle is clean and dirt-free before applying the  cover. The inner lining of this cover won't scratch vehicle paintwork but micro debris rubbing can, no matter what cover you are putting on your vehicle.


    Size Guide for Premium Outdoor Car Covers for Utes and 4X4 Utes

    SKU Vehicle Style Cover Length Cover Width Cover Height
    UTE-550-GRY Ute / 4x4 (cab and tray/tub) 550cm 195cm 140cm
    UTE-590-GRY Ute / 4x4 (cab and tray/tub) 590cm 195cm 140cm



    What does Water Repellent mean?

    The material has a Polyurethane (PU) coating which means the cover material is highly water repellent. However, as the cover is stitched at the seams, it is possible for water to penetrate there. Also, the coating quality will diminish over time.

    The cover on the photos is Grey; do you have any other colours?

    The ready made cover is only available in Grey currently.

    Is the cover easy to install?

    Please refer to our Instructions.



    In order to install a Coverworld Premium Car Cover, please follow these instructions.

    You will find after installing the cover a few times that the process will become easier as most people develop their own appication method or style.

    In our experience, we have found that the easiest method of installing a Vehicle Cover is as follows:

    1. Remove the cover from its packaging/storage bag.
    2. Roll the cover so that it is inside out, rolling it from the rear to the front (so the front end is on the outermost layer of the finished roll).
    3. Place the cover onto the roof of your vehicle, towards the front, and slowly roll the cover out towards the back of the vehicle.
    4. As the cover was inside out, it should now fall to the sides (with a little help) the correct way around.
    5. After the cover is fully unrolled across the vehicle, use the tie down straps provided to finish securing your cover.


    You should remove dirt, dust and debris from your cover with gentle cleaning by wiping it with a soft cloth or sponge, using a mild liquid soap. DO NOT use any chemical cleaners or bleach on the material as this will cause the UV and water repellency treatments on the material to be diminished.

    This cover is not designed for cleaning in a domestic or commercial washing machine.

    Folding & Storage

    • Before packing your cover away for storage, ensure it is clean and completely air dried; DO NOT use a dryer.
    • Once the cover is clean and fully dry, lay it out onto a flat and clean surface. Fold it in half. Then fold it again, repeating until the cover reaches a manageable folded size.
    • For best protection, keep your cover/s in a Coverworld storage bag, available for purchase separately.

    Care & Maintenance

    We offer the 303® range of cleaning and protection which are effective in prolonging the life of outdoor fabrics and furniture. These items are available for purchase here (or see our Value Packs on special here!) and can be quickly dispatched Australia-wide.  We especially recommend a care and maintenance program be carried out with all Coverworld covers that are being used in an outdoor storage situation and exposed to full weather conditions. 

    • The warranty period commences from the date of your order. Wear and tear caused by usage is not covered by warranty and over time, the covers will change their overall appearance from the effects of weather and UV exposure.  In order to prolong the lifespan of the cover, Cleaning and Care instructions must be followed.
    • Modifications made to covers, and effects from extreme weather conditions, are not covered by warranty.
    • The lifespan of the cover will be determined by weather conditions and care taken. Do not allow water to remain pooled on the cover.
    • The material has had 1200mm water-proofing treatment conducted which will become diminished from prolonged UV and weather exposure.

    The information provided on this website is for general information purposes and use only. Every endeavour is made to keep product information complete and correct, however the customer is responsible for ensuring the product they purchase is suitable for their specific requirements.

    Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour and design, actual colours and designs may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in photographed locations, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Coverworld will not accept responsibility for any colour or design differences that are not factory faults. In purchasing from Coverworld, you agree to accept the small risk that there may be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation on our website. In addition, please be aware that colours may vary between and even within manufactured lines - for example slightly different shades of ‘Grey’.

    Any returns for a product due to customer dissatisfaction with a finish (that is not a fault) will need to comply with the Coverworld Change of Mind Returns Policy.

    Click Here for full Terms & Conditions of Sale and Warranties, including Return enquiries.