outdoor Chair Covers Australia sizes for Outdoor Chairs, Stools, Stackable and Bar Chairs

Outdoor Chair Covers

Outdoor Chair Covers

Outdoor Chair Covers are available in a range of styles of Chairs including covers for Bar Chairs / Stools, covers for Patio Chairs, covers for Round Chairs, and even covers for Stacked Chairs.

Available in Australia as premade covers are 24 sizes of Chair Covers which will be suitable for most outdoor chairs being used under decks, in gardens or outdoor patio area

The premium woven polyester fabric colour is grey and the covers feature elasticated hems and securing straps and buckles to ensure a good fit to the chair. They also include breather vents to allow moisture to escape.

How to Measure Your Furniture

  • Bar Chair Covers

    Bar Chair Covers made to suit the increased height of Bar Stool Chairs in a universal-size, made from premium Polyester Fabric.

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  • Patio Chair Covers

    Outdoor Patio Chair Covers for chairs that typically have lower armrests than the back rest of the chair.  Many sizes to choose to suit from to suit most patio and outdoor chairs being used in Australia.

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  • Round Chair Covers

    Round Chair Covers designed for chairs that have a higher back and gradually taper down towards the front lower where you sit.

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  • Stacked Chair Covers

    Chair Covers for Stacked Chairs to protect and keep them appearing tidy.  Protect a Group of Chairs with only 1 Cover - a more economical method of Chair Protection.

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How to Measure

Please note that listed sizes are the maximum recommended size your Chair should be, so where the size reads, for example 90cm, this means your maximum length should be 90cm.  Most covers do have a length and/or width allowance of an extra 5cm to ensure your cover can be fitted easily, however please refer to the each product's description for details.  (Note: Height measurements do not usually have any extra allowance.

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