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Protect your Outboard Motor from the weather with a cover specially designed for Storage or Trailering Use. The covers are available as a Cowling only cover or a Cover for the Full Leg and the Cowling and also Vented Covers for some popular outboard engine models.

 The Universal Covers range are manufactured in a Marine Canvas in Neutral Grey Colour, they are strong and durable and have soft inner lining.  The custom fit covers available for Suzuki®, Yamaha®, Mercury® and Evinrude® engines are made in the same durable fabric but have some colour choices.  The custom fit covers range are aftermarket covers designed for the specific engine models listed.


Q. Whats the Difference between Universal and Custom Motor Covers?

The Universal Fit Covers are designed for all makes of outboard motors whereas the custom fit covers are shaped to the current models of the specific brands listed, the covers in the custom fit are aftermarket covers

Q. Which Outboard Motor Cover should I choose?

Coverworld offer three styles of ready made covers for outboard motors a cover for the cowling part of the motor only or for the full leg of the motor and also our new Vented covers which are designed to be left on the motor with the engine running.

Q. Measuring the Outboard Motor to check the correct size

In most instance you simply choose your outboard motor engine size for the closest fitting cover, but it is also recommended to check your actual outboard motor cover dimensions as not every outboard will fit with the universal covers and sometimes you need to up a size to get the correct fitting cover, for example some 4 stroke outboard motors need to go up to the next size cover.

For custom fit covers you just need to check that your exact model is listed.  If you cannot find your exact model in our custom outboard covers range then a Universal fit cover can be used.  We do not offer any vented covers in the universal fit range.

Q. I have a fin on the bottom of the motor leg will the universal full motor cover be suitable for this style motor?

Unfortunately no the universal fit covers will not work with this style outboard motor

Can I leave the cover on the motor whilst it is running?

None of the universal fit motor covers can be left on whilst the motor is running.