Hatchback Car Covers, Hatch Car Cover, Car cover for hatchback vehicles semi custom fit and true fully custom fit for all models

Hatchback Car Cover Semi Custom Fit

Hatchback Car Cover




  • Indoor Covers Ready made shaped for Sedans but can be used on Hatchback vehicles
  • Waterproof Hatchback Car Covers
  • Hail Protection Covers shaped for Sedans but can be used on Hatchback vehicles
  • Budget Warehouse Clearance Covers


If you would like a cover with up to 4 years warranty choose Custom Made, prices are not very high and quality of the covers is excellent, cover fabrics for all Storage conditions


Q. I am not sure which of the fabric types or options to select for my car cover?

Firstly you need to choose and Indoor or Outdoor Use Car Cover, each Fabric type is detailed below with its reccomended usage for car cover storage.

Q. I am not sure which type of car cover I should get for my hatch / hatchback

Coverworld offer a very extensive range of covers for all hatchback cars in sizes that accommodate all Australian hatchback models. If you are not sure which type of cover is best for your hatchback car then we can provide assistance. If you want a ready made cover then look at our waterproof cover range these are a good quality cover with a soft inner lining, they are great value and are supplied with fitting straps and a storage bag for when you are not using the car cover for your hatch

If you have a hatch / hatchback and would like a cover that you can use for many years ahead then look at our custom made hatchback car covers they are great value, each cover is custom made to order for your hatch they provide a true custom fit, whereas ready made covers provide a semi custom fit. A custom fit cover for your hatch will fit beautifully and you can choose from an extensive range of car cover fabrics.

Q. I would love to buy a fully custom fit cover for my hatchback but how much do they cost?

Most hatchback cars are in our small car size price category, for example to have a custom made cover in block it Evolution fabric with a 4 year warranty for a popular hatch such a VW Golf costs just $225.00, this is a great quality cover with 4 year warranty. This is our most popular fabric for hatchback car covers as it offers really amazing quality at a great value price

Waterproof Hatchback Car Cover | 1 Year Warranty

Waterproof Hatchback Car Cover

Stormguard car covers are the only car cover gauaranteed to be 100% waterproof because of thier unique manufacturing process where they are not stitched but have electro welded seams, if keeping out water is absolutely critical then this is the best car cover for your needs.  

Luxury Indoor Hatchback Car Cover | 1 Year Warranty

indoor hatchback cover


Luxury Indoor Car Covers pamper the paints finish providing excellent indoor protection, they have a soft fleecy inner lining and a polyester outer fabric, they are designed for Indoor Use only and cannot be used for Outdoor Storage Conditions

Hail Protection Hatchback Car Covers | 1 Year Warranty

hail cover for hatch

If you are looking for protection from Hail damage during Storm Season then the Hail Car Cover provides excellent protection for the centreline of your vehicle which is padded with a 6mm padding, note the sides of this cover are not padded.