4wd and SUV covers

SUV / Wagon Covers | Custom Made | Waterproof | Hail Protection

SUV 4x4 Car Wagon Covers


Coverworld offer an extensive range of 4x4 / SUV Covers in a wide range of fabric choices.


Listed below are custom made and ready made SUV covers


Q. I am not sure which of the fabric types or options to select for my car cover?

Firstly you need to choose and Indoor or Outdoor Use Car Cover, each Fabric type is detailed below with its reccomended usage for car cover storage.

Waterproof Car Covers | 1 Year Warranty

Stormguard car covers are the only car cover gauaranteed to be 100% waterproof because of thier unique manufacturing process where they are not stitched but have electro welded seams, if keeping out water is absolutely critical then this is the best car cover for your needs.  

Hail Protection Car Covers | 1 Year Warranty

If you are looking for protection from Hail damage during Storm Season then the Hail Car Cover provides excellent protection for the centreline of your vehicle which is padded with a 6mm padding, note the sides of this cover are not padded.