Modular Style Sofa Outdoor Cover

Hooded BBQ Cover | 135cm

Hooded BBQ Cover | 135cm

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Part # BBQ-135-BLK
Brand Coverworld
* Water Resistant Material with Inner PU Coating with 1200MM Water Column Rating
* Black Material that is solution dyed which is highly fade resistant even under continual UV exposure
* Supplied with Tie Down Strap with side release buckles for securing tightly to your BBQ
* Woven Polyester Fabric with 1200mm PU Coating
* 2 Year Warranty
Material Premium SD
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days

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Hooded BBQ Cover | 135cm

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Readymade BBQ Grill Cover Water Resistant with Breather Vent

  • Readymade BBQ Grill Cover
  • Length 1350mm (Left to Right)
  • Depth 530mm (Front to Back)
  • Height 1100mm (Top to Bottom)
  • Black Colour
  • Water Resistant Polyester Material
  • Heavy Duty 600 Denier / 250gsm Material (Marine Grade Material)
  • All Covers supplied with Tie Down Straps which can be tightly secured
  • Air vents in all covers so that moisture does not become trapped
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Black Colour
  • Please check measurements before ordering

There are no special fitting instructions provided with this cover as it simply fits over the BBQ

As the cover is waterproof it has the rear built in mesh vent, but the cover is sewn so it is possible for water to penetrate the stitched seams, though this is unlikely.

This is a high quality material and will provide excellent protection for your BBQ Grill

Can premium outdoor furniture covers be used outside in constant full exposure to weather?

Yes but life expectancy will be greatly reduced as premium  furniture covers were designed for use under patio roof areas with some UV exposure during the day but not constant full UV exposure. If you want to cover furniture with constant UV exposure be prepared to replace covers every 12-18 months or consider custom made covers 4-5 times the cost but will last that much longer.

Are the covers waterproof?

Premium outdoor furniture covers are water resistant so water will not be soaked up by the fabric but will run off if allowed. Water will only penetrate fabric when allowed to pool for long periods. It’s a good idea to arrange pillows underneath cover so water can always run off and there are no areas for it to pool in heavy rain events.

Will each cover be exactly the same colour?

Ready made outdoor covers are not guaranteed to always exactly colour match because many thousands of metres of fabric are used when making them which is not always from the same fabric cloth batch when colour dyed. There may be some colour variations in some pieces. If you would like exactly colour matched covers then you need to have them custom made as we can then guarantee the fabric comes off the same roll.

Will cover colour fade?

If premium fabric is exposed too UV for prolonged period of time colour will fade and grey will become lighter shade in areas that are exposed too most UV during the day.  The black colour will also fade eventually to grey, the time frame this takes depends on how much direct daylight UV exposure the cover is exposed to.

How much bigger can I upsize for cover too still fit nicely?

As a rule we suggest you can go up to 30cm bigger in length or width for cover not to look too floppy, especially for large chairs and sofas a bigger cover is much easier too remove and install than a tight fitting cover. Ready made covers were designed with protection in mind so if you want a perfect fit you should consider having  covers custom made 4-5 times the cost of ready made.

I cant find table and chair cover too match my measurements?

Remember if you have space on your patio, chairs can be pulled out too take up the slack of a oversize table cover . It is much easier too install covers that are bigger for large items of furniture.

The  cover has excess in height ?

As premium furniture covers have elastic on bottom seam the excess can be neatly folded away underneath the furniture item if you are able to lift up the ends and tuck excess fabric away. So a modular style chair or sofa cover can be used for small coffee table where coffee table height is 40cm and modular cover height is 75cm.

I cant find table / modular cover with right width?

Remember if you have excess in length this will make up for what you lack in width, the corners of the cover wont sit exactly on the edges but cover will still go over furniture and protect it. In these cases go up a few sizes too ensure easy installation.

How long will the premium covers last in the UV?

The covers in this range are made from a mixture of 600D and 1200D woven polyester with a PU coating for water repellency. In direct all day everyday sun conditions on our own tests in QLD we have had 24 months lifespan from material taking all weather conditions in the lightest weight material in the range.  However the material is not made from one of the very specialist materials that have long guarantees for lifespan.  Our made to order custom covers do have up to 7 years UV warranty and are available as a custom order but considerably higher prices apply to custom made covers.

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