Tonneau Cover Adjustable Support Bar

Adjustable Bar for Soft Tonneau Covers

Adjustable Bar for Soft Tonneau Covers

Additional Information

Brand No
* Telescopic Tonneau Support Bar
* Suits larger Utes tubs & trays
* Adjustable to 1355mm to 1870mm
* Reccomended for use with Soft Tonneau Covers
* 2 Bar Brackets required if you do not have any in your Vehicles Tray
Material n/a
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days
Adjustable Bar for Soft Tonneau Covers

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Adjustable Support Bar for Soft Tonneau Cover

  • Adjustable width 1355mm to 1870mm
  • Telescopic Tonneau Support Bar
  • Suits Larger Utes Tubs and Trays
  • Bar Diamatre 9mm
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Please read the instructions of how to fit the support bar. Support Bar Instructions


The Tonneau Multi ‐ Fit Support Bar is designed to fit almost all Utes on the Market, from Suburu Brumbys to Cab Chassis aluminium trays.

Tools Required Drill and 4mm Drill Bit

Inclusions (note bar brackets are available separately if you need them

    • 1 x hollow bar centrepiece
    • 2 x grub screws
    • 2 x solid bar end piece
    • x Tonneau bar sheath



1. Insert solid bar pieces into either end of hollow tube. Adjust bar so it fits between bar bracket holders with the holes facing to the ground (so the grub screws don’t rub against the tonneau), as shown above and then with a white pencil make a mark through the small holes of the hollow bar onto the solid ends. This is where you will drill a hole to the depth of about 1‐2mm (do not go any further)


2. Join the pieces back together and screw grub screws through the hollow bar into the holes that you drilled. Make sure you do not over tighten the grubscrews. Then place the tonneau sheath over the bar to stop the bar wearing against the tonneau. Refit the bar. You may kink the bar in the middle to give it some extra height to assist with water runoff.


Warning if you do not fit the tonneau sheath over the bar, the tonneau cover will quickly wear through which is not covered by warranty.

tonno cover support bar

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