Holden Colorado Space Cab Ute Soft Tonneau Cover

Holden Colorado Space Cab Soft Tonneau Covers

Holden Commodore Ute Soft Tonneau Cover Covers


Select the year of your Holden Colorado Space Cab Ute and the cover options available




  • Extra Cab | Super Cab | King Cab | Cab Plus | Club Cab | Space Cab


Range of Ute Tonneaus for all models of Colorado Space cabs, Great Quality with fitting components supplied


Optionally choose new installation covers or replacement tonneau covers for your ute



Holden Space Cab Ute Tonneaus

For the Holden Space Cab Utes we offer the Bunji Loop style of Tonneau Cover and the EZTop lift up frame Tonneau Covers

Coverworld offer aftermarket tonneau's not factory branded, but they are on par quality to the tonneaus offered by dealers but at our great pricing structures

All of our Soft Tonneau's are made to order, new Tonneau Covers are normally ready to dispatch in a 2 days and replacement Tonneaus take 5 days to manufacture

If you have already had a cover installed then the cover we supply to you is called a Blank Tonneau which means that it will not have the bunji loops pre-installed onto the Cover as you need to make them line up with your existing buttons, so you will be supplied the Bunji Loops separately and will need to put them in, this is simple to do with a centre punch.

There are many words used to describe a Tonneau including Tonno, Torno and Ute Tarp, they are all the same cover type

Did you know we also supply full vehicle covers for Holden utes ready made and custom made, we also offer seat covers in a range of Luxury Fabric and Canvas