LCD TV Screen Cover

Full Coverage TV Cover | 155cm Length

Full Coverage TV Cover | 155cm Length

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Part # TVF-155
Brand Coverworld
* High Quality polyester LCD TV Screen Covers with handy storage pocket for your Remote control
* Neutral Black Colour to not look obtrusive covering your Outdoor Patio Television
* Full Covers have complete rear Velcro style hook and loop for great coverage
* Range of sizes to suit Most Outdoor TV Screen
* 12 Months Warranty
Material Premium (Woven Polyester)
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days

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Full Coverage TV Cover | 155cm Length

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Great value protection for your Outdoor Patio Television and TV Screen, a woven polyester with a high level of waterproofing treatment.

Ready Made LCD and TV Screen Cover - Full Cover

  • Length 1550mm
  • Width 120mm
  • Height 1000mm
  • Black or Grey Colour
  • 12 Months Warranty

The Full TV Screen Cover is designed specifically for TV screens that had an adjustable wall mounting, there is hook and loop on the rear with drawcord so the cover can be pulled around to fully enclose the screen, these covers are not tight fitting as they allow some air circulation with the excess size.

It is important to actually measure your TV screen to determine the correct size do not refer to your manufacturers brochure as these do not always specific the exact physical dimensions.

Coverworld LCD Screen and Television Screen covers offer excellent moisture-resistance but they are not waterproof it is possible for water to penetrate the stitched seams. Your TV should not be exposed directly to rain, snow and other weather elements and you should remove the TV screen cover from time to time to prevent condensation build up.

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