Outback Canvas Custom Made Seat Covers

We recommend only choosing this seat cover if you have searched our online vehicle listings and have not been able to find a seat cover already match up to your specific vehicle

  • Outback Canvas is a Durable canvas for commercial vehicles
  • Available in Black and Charcoal Colours
  • Custom Fit Patterns available for Most Vehicles
  • Please complete your vehicle details and submit an order or Contact Coverworld
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  • Fabric Name - Outback Canvas
Outback Canvas Seat Cover
    Outback Canvas Seat Cover
    Outback Canvas Seat Cover

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    Product Questions

    • Briefly describe the type of seats in your vehicle i.e. Front Bucket Seats with Armrests on Driver Left side... this is the kind of information we need to determine the seats in your specific model as there are some variances across some of these models
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    Outback Canvas Seat Covers are made in Australia, it is waterproof and Machine Washable

    • Fabric Style : Hard Wearing Contemporary Fabric, Suits Modern Vehicle Interiors
    • Colours : Black, Charcoal
    • Custom Made to Order
    • Can be made Airbag Compatible
    • Patterns available for most vehicles from year 2000 onwards*
    • Pricing is per Row, Front, Middle or Rear
    • 1 Year Warranty

    This seat covers secures with fabric ties if you would like other securing methods please check our other seat covers listings some of which are made with hook and loop fastening and not fabric ties

    Fabric Description

    Made from rugged, hard wearing cotton. Includes foam padding for extra comfort. Suitable for 4WD's, Utes, Vans, Trucks and anyone who wants a tough wearing car seat cover - Works great for Either Commercial or Regular Family Use. Water proof and fully machine washable.

    * If you wish to order custom made seat covers we have patterns for most vehicles from year 2000 onwards. In some unusual cases if we do not have a pattern available we will not be able to process your order.

    Custom Made Seat Covers have varying turnaround times for the manufacturing depending on the time of year in general allow up to 2 weeks for manufacturing. If your order is time sensitive please contact us prior to ordering and we will advise a more accurate manufacturing lead time.

    For all Custom Made Car Seat Covers you will be required to complete a custom made form.


    Tailor Made Car Seat Covers FAQ

    Q: Do you have seat cover patterns for all vehicles?

    We have seat cover patterns available for most vehicles dating from 1980 onwards.

    Q: What's the difference between Tailor Made and Universal Seat Cover fit?

    Universal Covers are designed to fit a wide range of seats,  whereas tailor made covers are tailored for your specific vehicle's seats, the cover manufactured for your will be made for your specific seat configurations.

    Q. You advise each product has a Usage type can you explain what this means?

    Everyday : This means the seat covers are designed for normal passenger vehicles and not intended to be used for Commercial vehicles.  These seat covers are designed for normal vehicle usage.

    Commercial : This means that the fabric is strong for usage in commercial vehicles, we reccomend choosing a Commerical option if you are using your vehicle for heavy duty work related activities.

    Q: I have airbags in my seats can the seat covers be made to accommodate the airbag fittings on my seats?

    The seat covers are specially made with a Deploy Safe feature which means your seats will safely deploy their airbags should they need to Our seat cover suppliers have developed a seat cover which could be used in vehicles with integrated side airbags, which was safe to use regardless of where and how it was fitted, which looked great, was fully tested and approved by a licensed testing authority. The seat covers are not provided with an unsightly slit in the side of the cover, they are also made to acomodate the position of your specific airbags.

    Q: How do the Airbags work with the custom made seat covers?

    DEPLOY SAFE® seat covers look great and the special thread and computerised stitching process allows airbags to break through the seat cover side seams if deployed.  Other manufacturers call this a different name, such as SAT for Side Airbag Technology, all manufacturers who make seat covers for us are seat cover specialists.  Our other manufacturers approved technology is called SAT and is fully accredited to be safe and tested.

    Q. My car dealer tells me not to put seat covers on my car as they may interfere with side airbag deployment, what should I do?

    The seat covers has been tested under special laboratory conditions and have been tested to conform within vehicle manufacturers standards for integrated side airbags deployment. Deploy Safe®seat covers provide no interference with the time required for deployment of side airbags according to vehicle manufacturers requirements. Deploy Safe®seat covers are safe to use with integrated side airbags as long as they are correctly fitted.

    Q. Have the seat covers been tested? Are the seat covers guaranteed to deploy?

    Yes, Deploy Safe® and SAT has been tested by a world wide recognised automobile testing laboratory that is headquartered in Australia and Europe. Deploy Safe® products have passed all their tests. After extensively testing this new technology, the manufacturer is fully confident in its operation according to world standards.

    Q. Will tampering with side seams void guarantee?

    Yes, if the side seam splits for any reason it CANNOT be repaired. Any attempt to re-sew the seam may interfere with the Standard Integrated Side Airbag Deployment. Discard the seat cover after any integrated side airbag activation.

    Incorrect fitting can prevent the seat airbag from inflating correctly in the event of a collision.

    Q. How does "Deploy Safe® " and Side Airbag Technology work?

    Deploy Safe® and Side Airbag Technology (SAT) seat covers are constructed using a computerised controlled stitching process and a specialised thread that allows the side seams to split open upon deployment of an airbag.  It is however important to adhere to the fitting instructions which come with the seat cover. In particular is the requirement to ensure the seam on the seat cover which has been designed to allow for the safe activation of the side air bag is aligned over the corresponding seam of the original seat.

    Q. Have they tested it on a car like mine?

    The testing was done on a "test group" that took into account different seat sizes, different mechanisms of side airbags and different external factors such as weather, temperature etc. Deploy Safe®was tested on an integrated side airbag mechanism very similar to the one in your car seat.

    Each seat cover is manufactured to the highest standards and a Quality Assurance barcode sticker is produced when passed safe. A Purchase Registration is provided for your added confidence and protection.

    Q: What happens if the Airbags are ever deployed in my vehicle with the seat covers installed?

    If you are airbags are deployed then the seat covers cannot be reused.

    Q: Do you need information from me to make seat covers for my car?

    Yes, although we have patterns available for most vehicles we require you to complete a form for us with some basic information about the seats in your vehicle this ensure that they are made correct for your vehicle.

    On receipt of your order we will send the correct form to you Its not difficult to compete and the questions are very basic.

    Q: How are the seat covers attached to the seats?

    Our manufacturers do not provide velcro clips on custom made seat covers because they are designed for a snug fit and they simply tie underneath.  The manufacturers are not able to provide custom made seat covers with side release buckles.

    Q: How long do seat covers take to fit?

    Your should allow approximately 30 to 60 minutes for seat cover installation, as they are a snug fit they can be quite tight to put on so you should pull them onto the chairs softly, but once they are installed and the fabric ties secured you will find them fitting the seats very well.

    Q. Are there any recommended procedures I should carry out when installing the Seat Covers ?

    Yes: It is very important to install the seat covers correctly especially for Vehicles with Integrated Side Airbags in the Seats, incorrect installation could mean airbags will not deploy safely.

    Q: Is it the same material all over the seats? With custom made seat covers they do not come out with a set of instructions for that one seat style but instead with generic instructions because a new instruction sheet is not made for each vehicle. If you are unsure during the fitting process you can call our office during business hours and we can assist by phone

    The rear material is a mesh style fabric which covers the backs of the seats, its a stretch style fabric. Our manufacturers are not able to produce seat covers with the same material all over, except for sheepskin where a higher price is applicable.

    Q: Does the warranty cover colour fade?

    Colour fade is not covered by warranty by any of the seat cover manufacturers, Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear which can happen over the life of the seat covers but custom fit seat covers provide a snug fit compared to universal seat covers so they have better durability.  If you are using a vehicle for commerial purposes you should choose fabrics designed for this purpose.

    Q: If I order incorrectly can I send the seat covers back?

    No, its important to provide us all of the information requested on the measuring form as these are made for you specifically and cannot be returned due to change of mind or order error. They can be returned if there is a manufacturing fault which the manufacturers will rectify.

    Q: How do I fit the rear seat base or Rear Back Rest?

    The Rear base or Back Rest in some cases for some models may need to be removed in order to install the fabric seat cover over the base, this is only applicable to some models.  You should check your specific model to determine if this is going to be required for your model. 


    Please read the fitting instructions for the Seat Covers prior to Purchase. In general we suggest allowing 30 minutes to fit each row of seat covers

    Please download the Seat Cover Fitting Instructions


    SPE Warranty Here

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