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Hail Covers for Caravan - Camper Trailer - Motorhome

Did you know that StormCovers were designed my a Motoring Enthusiast on the Sunshine Coast in 2000 for cars, the original design has since been adapted to suit RV's. StormCovers are now used throughout Australia and thousands of RV's are StormCover Protected. The StormCovers 3 Piece Zip on Design was developed in 2007, this is a unique Cover design perfectly suited to RV Covers

At Coverworld we offer a wide range of protective covers for Caravans and the StormCover is one of our top of the range covers, made to order for your specific RV

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Hail Stormcovers F.A.Q.

Do Caravan Stormcovers protect from Hail?

Your caravan roof and sides are surfaces that receive high impact and damage from hail stones. Stormcovers provide Triple layer protection with a tough waterproof outer layer, a foam padding inner layer and a soft protection layer that touches the body of your Caravan, Motorhome or RV.

Are Hail Caravan Covers worth it?

A custom made Stormcover provides more than hail protection, its a quality cover that provides all year round weather protection from UV and Water Damage and gives you peace of mind during Storm Season with its exceptional Hail Protecting Qualities

How can I protect my Caravan from Hail?

If you are don't have the opportunity to store your Caravan under a roof then hail damage is a high possibility during Australia's Storm Season. A custom Made Stormcover will provide an excellent level of impact protection from Hail stone

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