Runabout Boat Cover Trailering, Travel and Storage, Best Quality Marine Material

Runabout Boat Covers for Travel and Storage

Runabout Boat Covers


For Runabout Boats we offer either Semi Custom Fit Boat Covers which offer great value boat protection at a great price. We also supply USA made to order "Styled to Fit" Boat Covers with a 3 year warranty, 11 colour choices and optional coverage for the outboard motor if required


Semi Custom Lowest Price | Good Quality | 1 Year Warranty | $189 to $289 plus delivery


Styled to Fit | Mid Priced Covers | 3 Year Warranty. In the Styled to Fit Range we offer two styles of Runabout Covers for a better fit which are for standard Runabout Boats and for Runabouts with a Walk Through Windshield

Semi Custom Fit Runabout Boat Covers


  • Ready Made in range of 6 sizes to suit most Runabout Boats
  • Neutral Grey Colour
  • Designed for Trailering
  • No coverage for Outboard Motor
  • Supplied with all Tie Downs
  • 1 Year Warranty

Great value Range of Boat Covers that are designed for Runabout Boats, suits most popular Australian Models

Styled to Fit Runabout Boat Covers


  • Made to Order, 2 styles of Runabout Covers for a better fit
  • 11 Colour Choices
  • Designed for Trailering
  • Outboard Models include Rear Motor Pocket
  • Supplied with all Tie Downs
  • 3 Year Warranty

Extensive range of sizes for Runabout Boat Cover sizes, if we don't have a pre-designed pattern they can be modified in length and beam.  Runabout Covers available for standard runabout boats and for Runabout Boats with Walk Through Windshield