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Runabout Boat

Runabout Boat Covers available in sizes from 4.1m to 6.7m in overall boat length meaning that most popular Runabout Fishing Boats being used in Australia will fit with one of our Runabout Covers designed for Travel and Storage

  • Runabout Boat Cover runabout boat covers online
    From $191.50
    • Designed for Travel - Trailering & Storage
    • Cabin Cruiser - Half Cabin Boats - with sizes ranging from 4.7m to 6.7m
    • Available in Grey Canvas
    • Cover Includes Tie Down Straps with Side Release Buckles
    • Storage Bag Included
    • Can be used at Highway speeds when properly tied down
    • Great Value Cover with Semi Custom Fit Pattern / Shaping
    • Almost 100% Waterproof with PU Coating
    • Stock Cover item
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