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We offer 3 styles of covers for large boats with Hard Tops and T Tops ; The Semi Custom Fit Jumbo cover is the most popular cover due to the lowest price. The Styled to Fit Jumbo Cover is made from a high quality fabric in 11 colour choices with a 3 year warranty. The specialty series cover has a number of features built into the cover design making it the easiest cover to install, remove and gain access to when the boat is covered.


This style of Boat Cover are designed for Storage Only not for Trailering


Jumbo Boat Covers
  • Ready Made in range of 5 sizes to suit most Large Boats
  • Neutral Grey Colour
  • Not Suitable for Trailering
  • Prices range $419 to $599
  • Supplied with all Tie Downs
  • 1 Year Warranty
Styled to Fit Jumbo Covers
  • Made to order 5 sizes to suit most large Boats
  • 11 Colour Choices
  • Designed for Storage use only
  • Prices range 
  • Supplied with all Tie Downs
  • 3 Year Warranty
Speciality Hard Top Covers
  • Made to order in 17 pre-designed sizes, others sizes available
  • 11 Colour Choices
  • Designed for Storage Use only
  • Outboard Models include coverage for the rear motor, Dual Engines order next length size up
  • Fitting Kit Included
  • 4 Year Warranty


  • Ocean South Ready Made Covers : Great value Range of Boat Covers that are designed for Jumbo Hard Top style  Boats, suits most popular Australian Models

  • Carver made in USA Boat Covers : Extensive range of sizes for Hard Top Boats, if we do not have a pre-designed pattern they can be modified in length and beam

  • Carver USA Made Speciality Dual Zipper Entry Covers with Zippered dual access on each side of the cover. Includes complete kit including reinforcement, ratchets, support poles and more