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Covers for USA Manufactured Boat Models

Coverworld are the Australian distributors for Carver Covers and we have been selling to many happy boat owners for many years. Boat Covers made locally cost a fortune, but not a Carver Cover, though the fabric and components used in manufacturing are the same qaulity as your would expect from your local trimmer the price for our made to Order covers range is usually around 40-70% cheaper than local quoted prices

The reason for this amazing price drop is because Carver are one of the worlds largest Marine Trimmer, they produce covers in bulk,. they use vast quantities of fabrics so they pass on the fabric cost savings you, the consumer. They also have fully automated systems where even most of the cutting and pattern work is all done by computers which means a lower priced cover but precision cut and engineered

Covers for Australian Made Boat Models

The USA made to covers are also available in a Styled to Fit range which are suitable for most Australian manufactured boat models, but we dont offer custom patterned for Australian made boats, but the fit of the styled to fit range is so good, its someimtes hard to tell if the cut is a custom fit or a semi custom fit