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Premium Zip On Caravan Cover | 551-610cm (18'-20') | Clearance

Premium Zip On Caravan Cover | 551-610cm (18'-20') | Clearance

Additional Information

Part # RV-CVAN-610
Brand Coverworld Exclusive Zip on Easy Installation Caravan and Pop Top Cover
* Neutral Grey Colour, supplied with all trie down straps, front and rear adjustable tension panels for best fit
* Unique design means application is much easier than all other standard RV covers for Caravans and Pop Tops, as the cover is supplied as 3 seperate pieces a roof and 2 sides you have much less weight to lift onto your RV for cover installation, heavy duty
* 99.9% Waterproof Roof Panel manufactured from strong 600 Denier Woven Fabric
* Breather vents built into the cover to help reduce and prevent condensation build up inside the cover, supplied with fitting instructions
* 90 Day Warranty | End of Range Clearance Cover
Material Premium (Woven Polyester)
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days


End of Line Clearance | 90 Day Warranty
Brand New Unused Item now being discontinued
Premium Zip On Caravan Cover

  • FITS OVERALL LENGTH | 551-610cm (18'-20')
  • FITS OVERALL WIDTH | up to 250cm
  • fits height | UP TO 220cm (adjustable to your desired height)
  • End of Line Clearance | 90 Day Warranty

Do not go up a size specifically to cover a rear spare tyre its better to purchase a separate tyre covers

Before purchasing a Zip On caravan Cover please read our Frequently asked Questions about this unique product.

How does a Zip on Caravan Cover work?

Please read each step below for how to install the Zip on Caravan Cover, in essence instead of having to install a cover which is one very large piece of material we have instead split the cover into 3 sections.  This allows us to use an increased fabric weight which would not be possible if it was a single piece cover.

Can I easily access my door when the cover is installed?

Yes, the cover allow access to a Front, Middle or Rear zippered door. Simply unzip the 2 zips closest to your door and roll up the panel, it can be held in place with hook and loop fasteners to allow easy door acess without the need to fully remove the cover.

I have a front storage boot can I also get access to the front boot without removing the cover?

Yes, as the covers zips unzip from the front simply unzip your two front zips and access your Storage Boot

I have an aircon unit and awning will the cover go over these?

Yes, the cover material has enough allowance to cover over exterior fittings.  If you have a side mounted aerial you may find that the cover lifts a bit on this side and a small area of the bottom edge of your Caravan may be exposed.

Does the cover come with tie down straps?

Yes the cover has securing straps on each side, these are passed under the body of the van and tightened on the oppsite side, they can be adjusted to suit the height of your Caravan or Pop Top.

Aside from the tie down straps does the cover secure in any other way?

Yes the cover also has an elasticted hem for a snug fit.  It also has tension panels on the front and back which you can pull in tightly to adjust the overall cover length.  This means that even if your van is up 60cm shorter than the cover it can still fit well.

How do I measure my Caravan to get the correct size?

You need to measure your caravan on the longest exterior point not including the drawbar.

Standard Features of the Zip on Caravan Cover

  • 3 Seperate Cover sections that zip on
  • Access to front, middle and rear doors
  • Acess to front storage boot
  • Breather vents to help release any moisture or trapped condensation
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels
  • Heavy duty Tie Down Straps
  • PU Coated Polyster Fabric
  • Neutral Grey Colour
  • Application zippers protected by hook and loop layer to minimise dirt and UV damage
  • Storage Bag supplied


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Installation of Zip on Caravan Cover Step 1 
Your Zip on Caravan Cover is supplied in 3 pieces a roof section and the left and right side. Each piece is labeled and supplied with the correct quantity of tie down straps.

Firstly you need to take the roof section and roll it out across the roof of your caravan, as you roll it out you turn the cover the correct way around.

The roof section has a label marking the front and
installation begins from the front of the Caravan.

Installation of Zip on Caravan Cover Step 2 
After you have rolled the roof section over the roof line, front and back of your caravan it then needs to be secured to the body of the caravan.

Straps are sewn onto the cover with side release buckles.

There are long straps that join onto the buckles and then need to be passed underneath the body of the caravan and secured to the matching straps on the opposite side of your caravan, when strapped into place you can install the sides of the cover.

Installation of Zip on Caravan Cover Step 3 
Once the roof section is in postion and straped securely then you can install the side pieces. The left and right side of the cover are labelled.

You simply zip the sides onto the caravan. The zipping starts from the rear of the caravan. When the zips are done up if you have a front storage boot that you need to access you will simly be able to unzip the zippers from the front to access your storage boot.

The zipper has a protective layer to stop dirt entering the zipper section

Installation of Zip on Caravan Cover Step 4 
When the 3 piece cover is fully installed you have a number of straps on each side that need to be secured with the straps and buckles provided. If you have a Pop Top Caravan simply adjust the side straps to the desired height.

There are also front and rear tension panels which can be pulled in tightly and secured with provided straps this ensures that you can get a good fit of the zip on cover for your Caravan.

Installation is complete and its so much easier than all other fabric covers sold in Australia.

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