Online Boat Cover Hard Top T Top Cruiser Boats and with Bimini by Ocean South

Hard Top / T Top / Cruiser | Jumbo Boat Cover - Boat Length 520cm to 580cm

Hard Top / T Top / Cruiser | Jumbo Boat Cover


This Boat Cover for Hard tops, T-Tops and Cruiser style boats are not designed for Trailering and are suitable for Storage purposes only


In order to get the correct fitting cover refer to the overall fabric measurements by measuring up and over your boat and also across the boats widest points, in some cases you need to go up to a larger size to accommodate particularly high roofs or extended length roofs


We recommend measuring your Boat and referring to the Fabric Dimensions detailed before ordering


Image on the Left Details

  • Measurement of Line A | Centreline is the Boat Length
  • Measurement of Line B | Boat Beam Width
  • Measurement of Line C | Height of the Boat roof top to edge of the boat


Image on the Right Details

  • The Red Lines show how to measure the Overall Fabric Dimensions

Large Size Boat Cover up to 640cm Length / 240cm Beam - Semi Custom Fit for Hard Top Boats

Large Size Boat Cover up to 640cm Length / 240cm Beam - Semi Custom Fit for Hard Top Boats

Additional Information

Part # MA501-1
Brand Ocean South Hard Top Boat Cover
* Semi Custom Fit
* Available in Grey or Black Marine Canvas
* Good Quality Marine Fabric, Supplied with Tie Down Straps, 280gsm 8.2oz Material
* Suitable for Light Trailering at maximum speed 60 kmh - Great for Outdoor Storage conditions
* 1 Year Warranty
Material Cyclone Marine Canvas
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days
Large Size Boat Cover up to 640cm Length / 240cm Beam - Semi Custom Fit for Hard Top Boats

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Jumbo Boat Cover designed 580cm to 640cm | 240cm
Overall Fabric Length : 8180mm
Overall Fabric Width : 5300mm


  • Fits Overall length Boats | 580cm to 640cm
  • Boat Maximum Beam | 240cm
  • Cover Height | 135cm
  • 1 Year Warranty

Jumbo Cover Canvas Features

  • Manufactured with Premium Woven Dope Dyed Polyester Fabric 280gsm 8.2oz/yd
  • Shrinkage 0 x 0
  • Durability Excellent
  • Strength Excellent (Double stitched overlapped seams for added strength)
  • Water repellent Excellent (advanced coating technology)
  • Fabric Breathability Excellent
  • UV resistance Excellent
  • Mildew & Stain resistance Excellent

In order to determine the correct size refer to the measurements image and the actual fabric lengths below, This cover is a large and generous fit cover, its designed to protect your hard top boat from the damaging effects of the weather. This cover can also be used on a boat with a bimini in a fixed position that cannot be folded flat. Be aware if covering a bimini top that it may be necessary to check the cover periodically if being left for a time as its not advisable to allow moisture and water to sit between a Bimini Fabric Top and a Cover.

Overall Fabric Length 8180mm

Overall Fabric Width 5300mm

You may find that your Outboard Motor is covered within the fabric length but the cover isn't specifically designed to do this, but we have matching outboard motor covers online

Coverworld have been a retailer of Ocean South Boat Covers for many years, we feel the fabric and overall cover quality are excellent value for money.

How can I be certain of choosing the correct size cover for my boat?

It is important to properly check your boat length details before ordering, in the semi custom fit range of Ocean South Boat Covers we provide the information for the size boat they are designed to fit and the actual dimensions of the material from one end to the other.

When checking your boat length please dont assume that a model number determines the length of the boat, for example a model number might say 430 in it which could make you think the boat is 430cm long but actually when checking the specs of the boat you may find the boat is 445cm long, this make a difference between which size cover is going to fit your boat.

Also we strongly recommend measuring up and over across the centre and the widest part of the boat to check that the maximum fabric lengths do suit your boat you may find after measuring that you need to change your originally expected cover size.

If you are not sure then please phone or email for assistance we are here to help you get the correct fitting cover.

What is the Difference between the ready made fabrics and the made to order boat Covers Fabrics?

All ready made Boat Covers are manufactured using marine grade fabrics but they are not branded and we do not know the textile mill producing them.  They have performed well over the past few years we have been selling and have not had any UV issues with the material.

Made to order Boat Cover fabrics details:

Sundura is a solution Dyed Polyster fabric, whereas Sunbrella is a Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric. Polyguard is suitable for use whilst towing your boat, it has excellent tear strength. excellent fade resistance is highly water repellent and it wont stretch or shrink. The Sundura Boat Cover has a 3 Year Guarantee, please see the Guarantee information beforder ordering this cover.

Sunbrella® is the Finest quality Marine Grade Fabric available for Boat Covers, it is designed to last and if you are going to keep your boat for very many years then this is the best cover to buy as it will provide you with many years of usage in even the most extreme weather conditions. Sunbrella Covers have a 5 year guarantee and are available in 20 stock colours but even more colour choices can be selected if you require a specific Sunbrella fabric colour, contact us for special colours. Sunbrella has the most superior UV strength and will last more than 5 years exposed to the UV. Check the Sunbrella Guarantee details before ordering this cover.

Do the Boat Cover Fabrics breath?

The ready made boat covers have a rear air vent which allows airflow which reduces moisture build up inside the cover.

Will the cover go over my Outboard Motor?

No, you need to purchase a seperate outboard motor cover to go with the boat cover.

I have a Bimini Top can I still use my Boat cover?

Yes : The Bimini must be folded flat on the boat and the cover can go over the top of it.

How do I care for my Boat Cover?

To keep your boat cover looking great much longer make sure to support your cover using the Boat Cover support poles. Supporting your cover properly will prevent water from pooling on the cover.

When trailering or storing yor boat with the cover on it use the Tie Down Kit to prevent damage to the cover.

Never wash the boat cover in a machine, you can use a soft bristle brush for cleaning, allow the cover to dry completly before folding and storing it.

We offer specialist cleaning products for boat covers which we reccomend using for the best quality cleanign and care results.

Never use any chemicals or cleaning solutions on your Boat Covers, this will void your warranty and can significantly reduce the lifespan of the fabric.

What happens if I order the wrong Semi Custom Fit Boat Cover?

If you are not sure as to whether the Semi Custom Fit Boat Cover is correct for your Boat then please contact us.  If you need to return the cover to us we will charge a standard   restocking fee and will not refund any freight charges you have originally paid.

Our friendly sales team can help you select the correct cover for your boat if you are not sure which one to select.

Important Information about installing covers onto new Boats

CAUTION: Compounds used in new boats can release gasses that can cause dyes in boat covers to transfer to the boat and cause staining to boat or fittings. It is recommended not to use a boat cover on a new boat in the first four weeks to allow any gases to dissipate.

Fitting covers and Protecting sharp areas on the boat

Before fitting your cover make sure all sharp points or protruding equipment/fittings are well covered with a cloth or sponge to avoid damaging your cover.  Damage caused by protroduding or sharp exterior fittings or angles is not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Information about Travelling Long Distances with a Cover Installed

Note: If you are trailering your boat we recommend that on long journeys that you routinely check that an even tension is maintained across the cover. This will help prolong the life of your cover.  Damage caused by trailering is not covered by warranty it is essential that the cover is fully and tightly secured before undertaking towing a trailer with a boat and cover installed.

Boat Cover Instructions here


Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

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There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please view our Standard Warranty details before ordering.

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  • Jumbo Boat Cover up to 640cm Length / 240cm Beam - Colour = Grey
  • Jumbo Boat Cover up to 640cm Length / 240cm Beam - Colour = Black
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