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Part # SCOOTER-64132
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* Designed for Outdoor Use
* Heavy Duty Material
* Sizes available for most popular Scooters
* Grey Polyester
* 1 Year Warranty
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Budget Scooter Cover

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Currently out of stock. Please contact us to discuss this product.
This Scooter Cover can be used with the following Motorbike Style

  • Length 1220mm / 48"
  • Width 1120mm / 44"
  • Height 560mm / 31"
  • Good quality Heavy weight PVC material
  • 90 day warranty Clearance Cover

  • Scooter Cover Material is a Grey polyester fabric reflects heat, is showerproof and lightweight.
  • Water resistant not waterproof material
  • This light weight cover uses smaller storage space and is easy to handle
  • Reinforced security grommets are on each side panel which can be used with optional cable and lock kit.
  • Breathable fabric
  • Storage Bag Included
  • One-year limited warranty to the original purchaser. The cover will be repaired or replaced any cover that becomes unserviceable during normal use (subject to factory inspection).

Can I use the Ready Fit Motorbike Cover for Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Details : It is important to carefully select the cover suited to your vehicles storage conditions.  Ready Fit Motorbike Covers are available in a range of sttyles to suit most motorbikes, however there are other covers including Pack Lite and Form Fit of different qulity

How will the Ready Fit Motorbike Cover fit my Motor Cycle ?

The Ready Fit Motorbike covers have been designed for most popular bike configurations, you need to check the conigurations and model before ordering.  These are not a tailored perfect fit but do offer a better fit than a Standard universal fit Motorbike Cover

I have found a model that is very similar to my mtotorbike will this cover fit?

If you cannot find your motorbike listed then you need to find a cover based on your style of motorbike.  If you need assistance in choosing the correct cover for your Motorbike please contact us

Are the covers easy to put on?

The installation process and time that it takes depends on the size and shape of the motorbike you are covering, as with all covers installation does take a bit of time but in general all motorbike covers are relatively easy to install and remove.

What happens if I order the wrong Motorbike Cover?

In most cases you should be able to find your motorbike model listed if you cannot find your model listed then please contact or look at our fitting guide.

Is the Cover Easy to Clean?

Each different fabric type has different cleaning methods, please check this before placing your made to order motorbike cover order.

Do I need to use optional items such as Gust Guard and Clamp and Lock?

The Gust Guard is designed to help prevent the cover from lifting in windy conditions we reccomened using Gust Guard for long term storage usage and also the lock and cable for added cover security.  You would not generally require any extra fititngs for your Motorbike cover but if you frequently park in high wind conditions you might like to puchase the Gust Guard

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