Fold Out Camper Trailer Cover

Fold Out Tent Camper Trailer Cover 460cm (includes drawbar and stoneguard) | Suncover® 7 Year Warranty

Fold Out Tent Camper Trailer Cover 460cm (includes drawbar and stoneguard) | Suncover® 7 Year Warranty

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Brand Coverworld
* Made specifically for your Camper Trailer Model
* Cover has side release buckles for securing to the Camper
* Exceptionally UV Resistant Material | Marine Grade Acrylic Fabric
* 2 Colour Choices - Stone Canvas or Linen Canvas
* 7 Year Warranty
Material 3 - SUNC - Solution Dyed Acrylic
Shipping Made to Order Lead time depends on Season TBA

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Fold Out Tent Camper Trailer Cover 460cm (includes drawbar and stoneguard) | Suncover® 7 Year Warranty

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Made to Order | This Fold Out Camper Trailer Cover is Designed for the maximum dimensions

  • Fold Out Tent Camper Trailers Designed to fit over Drawbar and Front Stoneguard
  • Maximum Overall Cover Length 460cm
  • Maximum Height up to 120cm
  • Maximum Width up to 240cm
  • 7 Year Warranty

The photo shown is a Charcoal canvas which isnt available for Suncovers for Camper Trailers only the Stone and Linen colours as shown on the images. If you would like to see a fabric swatch of the colours we are able to send them to you by post.

This cover is made to order will it fit like a Glove?

We make all of our covers a bit larger than the actual item being covered for two reasons.  Firstly and importantly so that you are able to install the cover if we made it the exact size of the item being covered you would not be able to put it on. The second reason is to allow some airflow underneath the cover.

There are three different options in custom made what is best for my needs?

All of our covers have excellent UV resistance and all of our made to order Camper Trailer Covers carry a 3 year UV warranty

1) Weatherstop is a USA manufactured fabric that has state of the art Uv, mould and mildew inhibiutors, it has a soft feel and is easy to manage in terms of installation and also packing away when not in use.  It is not 100% waterproof but has excellent water resistant properties built into the fibres of the material, our own internal tests have found that under very heavy pressure some water droplets penetrated the material.  However where the cover touches part of your Camper it may cme through the cover.  The fabric is absolutely brethabale and any moisture or water droplets that penetrates the material will escape naturally due to the breathable features of the fabric.

2) Advanced Polymer Fabrics are an excellent choice for long term outdoor storage the material is completely waterproof and has excellent anti UV lamination applied to the material, it is made in Australia and is engineered and designed to work in very harsh conditions.  The Advanced Polymer fabric is not breathable and you may find from time to time you need to remove the cover to allow the camper trailer to breath, however the cover does not sit on the camper skin tight.  The most common time you may find some moistuer build up under the cover is during winter when condensation is more likely, however normally due to the shape of campers with the stoneguards etc there is a usually a lot of air beneath the cover making any condensation issues minimal.  The look and feel of this fabric is like a tarp but it is a very high quality product.

3) Stormcovers.  Stormcovers are a unique product designed in Austraila and made from nearly all Australian made compontents.  The cover is completely lined with foam which provides an insulating barrier which can greattly reduce any issues of condensation down to nearly 0%.  The foam lining also acts as a cushion and provides protection from imact damage, however normalyfold out tent style camper trailers do not normally have fragile components that can easily damage from hail so the Stormcover is best suited to camper trailer owners who wish to leave ther RV's stored for a long time without removing the cover.

4) Sunbrella is the finest quality Marine Grade Fabric in the world it has excellent UV resistance and is backed with a 5 year guarantee, simply put there is no other fabric that can out perform Sunbrella it has excellent water repellency, excellent breathability, excellent tear strength and is enginnered to withstand the harshest of UV conditions.  

Note all covers are designed for storage conditions only, never pull your camper trailer with your vehicle with a protective cover on it, it will damage the cover and could damage your RV.

After installation you may need to pad stress points if it is pushing against the cover material, wear and tear caused by the cover usage is not covered by warranty.  Also all made to order covers must be properly looked after, they should be cleaned in order to prolongtheir lifespan, never use harsh pressure washers to clean your cover it can damage the UV and mould treatments.

It is also important to be mindful of problems with mould which can occur, although the materials have been treated to resist mould and mildew they still need to properly maintained and cleaned to stop mould build up, in some tropical areas of Australia extra care will be required. High Tech Fabric Guard can be useful for Fabric covers

Are the covers heavy?

No, the covers should be easily manageble by everyone, however the Stormcover with its foam inner lining is bukly in size and this means it takes up quite a lot of storage space, also with this bigger eize cover the freight is more expensive as the couriers charge on the cover size.  An average camper trailer cover weight would be between 6-9kg's.

What measurements do you need?

In order to make the cover we will require a photo of your actual camper and the drawbar, which includes a side profile of the drawbar and a top view of the drawbar.  We will mark on your photos which measuremeents we require, you should never add anything to the actual dimensions because we make extra allowances when cutting the patterns, if you add excess to the actual dimensions then the cover may be manufactured too large.

What is the lead time?

The lead time depends on the time of year, typically from August through till March the lead time is typically 3-4 weeks, all other times of the year 2-3 weeks.  We can only start the cover production once we have recieved your measurements after the initial photo.

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