Hail Cover for SUV and 4x4 Vehicles

Hail Protection Covers for SUV's

hail protection car covers


Please see the choices available in our Hail protection cover range which includes 3 Hail Cover Styles


  • The first choice cover has 6mm foam padding across the vehicle centreline it is ready made and is available in 2 sizes for 4x4's Wagons
  • The second choice is a ready made hail cover with 4mm padding across the centreline and covers some of the sides of the cover providing coverage over the windows but not to the base of the vehicle
  • The third choice is a custom made StormCover which is made for your specific vehicle, it provides all over vehicle coverage with 4mm foam padding and commercial grade polyfabric




Partial Padding Hail Covers

Ready Made Hail protection covers are normally held in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, they provide peace of mind during Storm Season without the expense of a Stormcover

  • Ready Made in 1 Size Only
  • Designed as an emergency hail protection cover
  • Partial padding across the centreline of the vehicle
  • Designed for SUV's
  • Supplied with Tie Down Straps and Storage Bag
  • 1 Year Warranty


Stormcovers all over Padding

Stormcovers are made to order and will provide many years of practial use for your vehicle and are backed with a 3 year warranty, manufactured in Australia from exceptionally weather resistant materials

  • Made to order to suit any vehicle
  • Designed for all over vehicle protection
  • Complete padding | Roofline and Sides
  • Designed for all vehicles made to order for your car
  • Supplied with Tie Down Straps
  • 3 Year Warranty



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