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Toyota Hilux Extra Cab Soft Tonneau Covers

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Range of Soft Tonneau Covers for Toyota Hilux Extra Cab Utes, choose your year from the options available




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How to identify the Tub of your Hilux Ute, A Decks have a smooth finish on the tub edges, J Decks have installed J Hooks and are built like this as factory standard

Information about Hilux Extra Cab Tonneaus

Hilux A Deck April 2005 to Current Models

For the Current Model A Deck Hilux Extra cab Ute we offer the Bunji Loop style tonneau cover and and the EzTop which is a soft tonneau mounted on a metal frame that is lifted up and down with gas struts, you will need to install the gas struts. Both covers have a 3 year manufacturers warranty

Hilux SR5 Extra cab with Sports Bars

For the sports bar models of the current SR5 extra cab we only offer the Bunji loop style of tonneau covers

1988 to March 2005 Models

W offer the Bunji Loop Soft Tonneau and the EzTop Tonneau

1989 to 1997 models

We only have the Bunji loop style of soft Tonneau cover for these years

Replacement Soft Covers for vehicles that already have buttons installed

If you have already had a Soft Tonneau Cover installed you will need to choose the Replacement Cover option because you already have buttons installed onto the Ute Tub you will be provided with what we call a Blank Tonneau cover, this means the cover is the correct cover for your vehicle but the Buji loops will not be attache as you need to attach them to match up with the position of your existing buttons. Also we require you to send us the measurement of your buttons so that we can send the correct length bunji loops for your needs. Blank Tonneau covers are not supplied with the Tonno Lock