Nissan Navara D40 ST / D40 STX ST-X - Clip On Tonneau for Utes without Sports Bars Dual Cab Made in Australia

Nissan Navara D40 (ST / ST-X) Clip On Tonneau for Utes with Sports Bars Dual Cab | 2006 to June 2015

Nissan Navara d40 st stx clip on tonneau covers online

Additional Information

Part # TONNEAU-STO-10761
Brand New Coverworld Range
* Supplied with Full Fitting Kit (some extra tools may be required for fitment)
* Download Instructions prior to ordering to see exactly how to fit this tonneau
* UV and Weather Resistant Material, Unlike some other Tonneau Cover brands this Soft Tonneau will NOT Stretch or Shrink, also made with Rot Proof Bonded Thread
* Made in Australia - The Best Quality Tonneau Cover on the Market, Built to Last
* 5 Year Warranty - Warranty Card must be completed
Material Rip Stop Material
Shipping Made to Order usually dispatched within 5 days

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Nissan Navara d40 st stx clip on tonneau covers online

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Soft Tonneau Cover | New Installation Cover + Fitting Kit
D40 (ST-X) | 2006 to June 2015
D40 (ST) | 2006 to June 2015
Product Detail : Clip on No Exterior Drill Style Soft Tonneau Cover - internal tub drilling required for fittings
For use with Genuine Factory Fitted (OEM) Sports Bars

This Soft Tonneau Cover Designed for the Following Vehicle

  • Nissan
  • Navara
  • D40 (ST-X) | 2009 to 06/2015 / D40 (ST) | 2011 to 06/2015
  • Dual Cab
  • Dates listed above


This is a Clip on Design Soft Tonneau that does not require any drilling on the exterior of the tub but some drilling is required to fit the internal clamps for the tonneau


This Tonneau Cover is backed with a manufacturers 5 Year Warranty



This Tonneau cover is made to order the standard Manufacturing lead time is 1-2 days for all Soft Tonneaus and Express couriers are used for quick Australia wide delivery


We also provide Tonneau Cover Cleaner and Aerospace Protectant to help prolong the lifespan even further of this cover

I have already had a Soft Tonneau Cover fitted previously so can I use this Soft Tonneau Cover on my vehicle?

Yes : If you have already had a Tonneau Cover fitted then you will already have buttons on the side of the vehicle, so the Tonneau Cover we will supply is called a "Blank Tonneau" this means that the bunji loops will not be fixed to the Tonneau Cover when it is delivered you will need to install the bunji loops to line up with your existing buttons. A centre punch is required to install the Bunji loops onto blank Tonneau Covers.  The manufacturing time is up to 5 days for a "Blank Tonneau"  This is for Bunji Tonneaus

Blank Tonneau Covers are not supplied with a Tonno Lock

If you have previoulsy had a bunji style tonneau and have buttons drilled into your ute tub you can still fit a clip on tonneau cover but those buttons will not be required or used

Are there any reccomended procedures I should carry out to maximise the lifespan of my Soft Tonneau Cover ?

Yes:  The following procedures should be carried out for general Soft Tonneau Cover Maintenance :

1)Apply Bees Wax or Dri-Lube to Stitching at least twice per year, this will maintain the tonneau covers waterproofing ability and prevent stitching from degrading, a natural result of weather exposure.

2) For best cleaning results we reccomend that you use our Tonneau and Convertible Top Cleaning product, do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents on the Tonneau Cover.

3)For extended lifespan 303 Aerospace Protectant offers advanced UV treatment and has been shown the extend life spans of PVC's and Vinyls exposed to the weather and UV

Do I need to use Support Bars?

Yes : The support bars reduce pressure on the Soft Tonneau under driving conditions, as they prevent flapping which can damage the UV lamination on the Tonneau Cover material.  Most Tonneau Cover are supplied with support bars, check the inclusions for this Tonneau, if support bars are not included and you dont currently have any then we reccomend purchasing them, your warranty could be voided if the cover it not properly used and installed.

Will the Tonneau Cover scratch the sides of my styleside Ute Body?

No : The Tonneau Cover has a soft felt lining runnning along the inside on your Tray edge and it will not scratch your vehicle

I have Sports Bars and / or Ladder Racks on my vehicle can you adjust the Soft Tonneau Cover to fit around them?

No : We do not do any custom modifications to our standard Tonneau Cover patterns, if you require special cut outs then you would need to take the Soft Tonneau Cover to a local Auto Trimmer and ask them to make these modifications for you.  Check this is possible before you place the order.

Do you Offer a Fitting Service?

No, all Tonneau Covers are supplied with esay to follow instructions which you can download before purchasing, typically an installation will take approximately one hour.

Do I need to buy any additional special tools or equipment?

All Fitting instructions detail any extra tools that are required for installation, check the instructions before purchasing, in most cases the standard fitting tools required are:

  • Rivet Gun
  • Drill
  • Marking Pen / Pencil
  • You will need to buy a small padlock to go through the Tonno Lock

I would prefer to use the Clip on No Body Drilling Soft Tonneau but sometimes the items in my ute extend a bit higher than the tray sides so will the Clip on Cover still fit?

Yes, Oversize loads are not a hassle with our stretch cord clip on system that hides out of sight under the cover until needed

I would prefer to use the Clip on No Body Drilling Soft Tonneau Cover but cant find one for my vehicle?

Clip On Soft Tonneau Covers are being introduced for most popular new vehicles as they are released.

What happens if I order the wrong Soft Tonneau Cover?

You should be able to find the exact Soft Tonneau Cover for your vehicle listed on our website, if you cannot see your model listed then please contact us before placing an order, as if your Tonneau Cover needs to be returned because of an ordeirng error then you will need to pay for the return freight costs and deducted from your refund will be a 10% restocking fee and your original delivery cost will not be refunded.  Note special order tonneas which include Blank tonneau covers custom tray covers cannot be returned due to order error.

Do you have a question that we have not answered ? Please detail your question below and we will come back to you soon.

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Please put this part number |TONNEAU-STO-10761| in the Part Number box below.

Fitting Instructions for Part Number STO-10761


Nissan Navara D40 (ST / ST-X) Clip On Tonneau for Utes with Sports Bars Dual Cab | 2009 to 06/2015



For new Soft Tonneau Cover installations drilling of buttons will be required for the initial installation


You will need the following extra tools for cover installation


  • Rivet gun
  • Drill
  • 4.5mm Drill Bit
  • Measuring Tape
  • Silicon Sealant
  • Anti-corrosive primer



    • 1 x Tonneau Cover
    • 2 x Front Side Extrusion (390mm)
    • 1 x Rope Track (1494mm Long)
    • 2 x Back Side Extrusion (850mm)
    • 2 x Bar Bracket 1 x Tailgate Extrusion (1450mm)
    • 22 x 4 mm Rivet
    • 1 x Support Bar
    • 1 x Lock Bracket
    • 2 x Dowel
    • 3 x Drill Templates - PVC
    • 1 x Support Bar Cover - PVC Sheath


Please read the fitting instructions before ordering this Soft Tonneau Cover.  


Navara Clip On Tonneau Fitting Instructions

Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

Open Coverworld Terms Here

There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Tonneau Covers Warranty:

In order to activate your Tonneau Cover Warranty the warranty registration needs to be completed.  A copy of this is below.

Please compete and keep a copy for your own records.

Warranty commences on date of purchase. Any component found to be defective in materials or workmanship within the warranty period will be repaired free of charge when returned to the manufacturing depot in Mitcham, Victoria.

The warranty does not include transport and insurance charges to and from the manufacturing depot. The purchaser is required under this warranty to return this warranty registration form with 28 days from purchase date.

The warranty is void if the product has been damaged by an accident, abuse, negligence, mishandling or violent atmospheric conditions or weather events.

Coverworld and the Tonneau cover manufacturer take no legal responsibility for injuries or deaths associated with the cover.

Please note that Tonneau Covers are NOT a load restraint.

In order to keep your Tonneau cover clean we reccomend cleaning with a mild detergent and to provide the best lifespan we recommend applying 303 Aerospace Protectant Download Warranty Information

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