Fully Waterproof SUV and 4x4 Cover

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Up to 410cm | Small SUV / 4x4 Waterproof Cover

Waterproof SUV Cover Waterproof Wagon Cover Waterproof 4x4 Car Cover

Additional Information

Part # AUTO-TECH-1-170
Brand No
* Fully Waterproof and offers UV protection
* Electro-Welded High Resistance PVC for weather protection
* Features Four Quick Lock Security Holding Straps and Elastic Hems for a Secure Fit
* Inside lining made from Non-Abrasive, Non-Scratch, soft plush fleece lining
* 1 Year Warranty
Material PVC with Soft Lining
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days

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Waterproof SUV Cover Waterproof Wagon Cover Waterproof 4x4 Car Cover

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Fully Waterproof Cover - SUV / 4x4

  • SUV
  • Length - 410cm
  • Width - 150cm
  • Height - 180cm
  • High Quality Cover made from Heavyweight material with an inside soft fleece lining
  • Electro Welded Seams for 100% Waterproof Protection
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • A high quality car cover manufacturing from heavy weight material and lined with a soft on scratch fleece lining. This is a superior quality car cover offering excellent vehicle protection. It will protect against dust, rain, snow, tree sap and UV rays. The covers feature electro welded seams for 100% waterproof protection and is provided with air breathers to release any trapped condensation. They have an elastic bottom hem and are provided with two securing straps and a convenient storage bag for when you are not using your StormGuard car cover. You will need to know your vehicles overall length, if you are unsure please contact us.

    Important note: Car Covers should never be put onto newly painted vehicles as the paintwork requires a drying time to fully cure, contact your car manufacturer if you are unsure.

    This cover should be taken off of your vehicle once or twice a month to air, the outer layer should also be washed down with a mild detergent from time to time, though the fabric is UV treated dirt on the cover can interfere with the UV treatment and decrease the life of the cover.

Can I use the Car Cover for Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Details : It is important to carefully select the cover suited to your vehicles storage conditions.  If you want to use your cover for Indoor Storage Only then its best to select the covers designed specifically for this purpose

How will the Universal Fit Cover fit my Car ?

You need to check the overall dimensions supplied agains the actual vehicle we always recommend actually measuring the car to be certain of getting the best fitting car cover.  We often refer to the website redbook.com.au to check measurements.  Universal covers have a universal shape designed for a range of vehicles within specific size parameters.

My vehicle is the same length as the size advertised will it still fit?

Example your car is 530cm log and our cover is reccomended for up to 530cm, it is normally best to have a small amount of excess in order to easily fit the vehicle.

I have a classic / older shaped vehicle will a universal cover fit?

The universal patterns are designed for modern shaped vehicles, so if you have an older style vehicle, typically many older sedan are much wider and these covers will not normally fit, please contact us if you have an unusual vehicle and we can advise the best fitting car cover.

I have a factory style spoilier will the cover fit?

If you have a low profile spoiler the in general the universal fit car covers will fit up to approximately 10cm height, but if you have a high spoiler then you may need to go up a size or send us a photo so that we can check your vehicle.  In our made to order car covers we can normaly have a special modification to the cover to accomodate high spoliers.

Are the covers easy to put on?

It will take on average 5 to 15 minutes to install a car cover, depending on the size of your vehicle, after a few applications you will find the installation process simpler and quicker.

What happens if I order the wrong Car Cover?

You should be able to find the exact Car Cover for your vehicle listed on our website, if you cannot see a length or style that suits your car hen please contact us before placing an order.  Its important to understand that made to order Car Covers cannot be returned due to ordering error.

Is the Cover Easy to Clean?

Each different fabric type has different cleaning methods, please check this before placing your custom made car cover order.

Do I need to use optional items such as Gust Guard and Clamp and Lock?

The Gust Guard is designed to help prevent the cover from lifting in windy conditions we reccomened using Gust Guard for long term storage usage and also the lock and cable for added cover security.

Which fabric should I select?

PVC with Soft Lining Waterproof Car Covers

This cover range are designed for outdoor use and are 100% waterproof as they do not have any stitched seams and are electr welded, this is great if you are concerned about water getting on the body of your car, however 100% waterproof covers do have the potential to create condensation and they must be removed from time to time approximately once a month to allow the vehicle to breathe.

Block It 380

Block it 380 is a good quality fabric at a low price, it will last reasonably well in the UV but is also a good indoor use car cover.  If you are looking for a cover to give you many years of life in our universal fitting range then we woud reccomen that you consider the technalon fabric.

Tecnalon Evolution

Great fabric for outdoor use, great warranty with this fabric and will last for many years if it is properly maintained and looked after.  This fabric is strong and durable, available in Taupe colour in Universal fit but Grey can be selceted in custom made if we have a pattern for your vehicle.

Luxury Indoor Fabric

Our luxury indoor fabric for ready made covers can only be used indoors, nver put this on a car outside, this cover represents great value for money, low price, good quality.

Is it okay to use a cover on a newly painted vehicle?

It is important that the paint on your vehicle has cured, you need to check this before covering your vehicle.  Coverworld do not take any responsibility for uncured paint and using car covers.



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